Alabama, Ohio State Target Brandon Harris Eliminates Texas A&M with Class

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIJune 4, 2013

Via @bharrisqb1 on Twitter
Via @bharrisqb1 on Twitter

It's easy to focus on the negative in the world of college football recruiting, but not everything has to be a bad story.

In fact, if you look hard enough, it's pretty easy to find some good.

In the case of 4-star dual-threat quarterback Brandon Harris, it's as easy as looking at this Tweet he sent to Texas A&M after another quarterback, Kyle Allen, committed to the program:

This is classy in every way, and Harris deserves to be applauded for his maturity.

Often—far too often—recruits use Twitter and social media in a negative way. They go on rants, they use four-letter words and they say things that they probably shouldn't.

Twitter, specifically, has become a place where some recruits have embarrassed themselves, or at least have shown their lack of maturity, and to think that coaches and schools don't take that into account would be incredibly naive.

Simply put, recruits can hurt their standing with schools on Twitter.

Such isn't the case with Harris. He probably helped himself by responding to Allen's commitment in the way he did.

Texas A&M fans are sure to remember Harris and the classy way he bowed out, and it wouldn't be surprising if coaches from the remaining programs on his interest list (247Sports) start recruiting him even more fervently than before.

After all, as a coach, finding leaders is important. And it's a gesture like this, as small as it was, that points to the true character of a person. Considering that Harris is a quarterback, this becomes even more telling.

Speaking of his interest list, Alabama and LSU are currently his top teams, and Auburn, Ohio State and South Carolina are behind them.

Harris is ranked as the No. 3 dual-threat quarterback, according to the 247Sports composite rankings, but his stock with schools is sure to rise after this recent classy act.

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