Craig 'Skywalker' Sager Dazzles with Classic Slam That Brings Kiddie Hoop Down

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Throw it down, big man. Throw it down. 

Long before Craig Sager dazzled the eyes with his snappy suits that cover the swath of the visible spectrum, he captivated NBA audiences with sensational slam dunks that brought the house down. 

I am only now wondering why Sager doesn't feature annually in the Slam Dunk Contest with hops like this. Every single season we beg and plead for more entertainment at the dunk competition, whining about how there are no more high-flying antics that move the meter. 

Well, consider the meter moved with this aerial acrobatic maneuver from the aptly nicknamed "Skywalker."

OK, fine. This dunk was awful, but you have to love every last moment of a young Sager going up on what Big Lead Sports estimates is an eight-foot rim. 

The hilarious moment of nostalgia came during the usual frivolity that plays out on TNT's Inside the NBA. In this case, it was Sager's turn to get clowned on the hit sports show.

You can just imagine Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal waving the hype towel as Ernie Johnson tries to contain the bedlam playing out behind the scenes.

Of course, I am only partly kidding about getting Sager out there every year for the All-Star festivities. It's time to spice things up by rolling out the kiddie hoop and the candy cane shorts for the TNT reporter to have another shot at greatness.

We simply need another two-handed jam from Skywalker—although he better wear a helmet this time.

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