Joey Votto Harnesses Inner Tiger Woods for Ball-Juggling Bat Trick

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 4, 2013

Joey Votto is pretty handy with a baseball. 

The Cincinnati Reds slugger took time away from crushing the ball to all corners of the field to simply juggle a baseball hypnotically on the tip of his bat. 

A hat tip to Beer Mug Sports, who not only spotted this video but reminded us of the one below, which features Tiger Woods doing the same for a Nike commercial. 

And now begins the silly yet unavoidable debate as to which athlete is more dazzling with their juggling prowess. 

Yes, Woods was far more fluid and consistent, but Votto is bouncing a round ball along a round bat and doing it as a seemingly impromptu way to pass the time. 

Tickle me impressed with both iterations. I can barely dribble a basketball, let alone any spherical object along random sports equipment. 

It's not like Votto had to do much to keep our interest piqued anyway. He is off to yet another great season, hitting .330 with 10 home runs so far on the year. 

Those numbers are all well and good, but I like his .454 on-base percentage—which is higher than anyone's so far this season—most of all. 

You see, Votto is just better with a baseball than most players, and that means he can field it, hit it and most definitely juggle it. 

Now get out there and practice your own Votto juggling tricks. But please be careful, because the man is a professional. 


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