One-Legged Soccer Match Escalates into a Field-Clearing Brawl

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 4, 2013

Allow me to give you a moment before we get into this video, because I know it’s a lot to take in.

Now that you’ve adjusted yourself, let me say that this is a one-legged soccer match in Belgum. The game was between Belgium and the Netherlands, and as you can see things became heated, according to InsideWorldSoccer.  

The web site reported the following information, which is mindblowing.

Tempers flared up when a Belgium player tripped a Dutch player to the ground by holding on to his one operational leg. Within seconds a punch-up spilled out between the players... 

In other words, there was...AN AMPUTEE SOCCER FIIIIIGHT!

In a flash of metal and fists, the shoving match turned into a brawl—and with that fighting, a series of reactions are going off in your mind while watching these images. It probably goes something like this: 

  1. What?
  2. There’s one-legged soccer?
  3. Is this real?
  4. That’s insane.
  5. They’re fighting?
  6. Oh my God they’re fighting.
  7. *Head explodes*

If all that doesn’t sizzle your circuit board, note how fans rush the field and start trying to help stop the fight and end up only throwing two-legged gasoline onto a one-legged bonfire of hostility. 

One fan dashes in and delivers a Transporter-style running dropkick to another fan’s back. Another giant man dressed up like a pink flamingo wades into the fray to delivers a few haymakers. 

Of all the scenes in the video, the most intimidating had to be the sight of one player issuing a most amazing “Come at me, bro” challenge to a much smaller competitor, who didn’t want any part of it.

Word to the wise—athletes with disabilities are some of the toughest people on this planet, and after seeing this video, I suggest you never mess with them.