5 Still Unsigned Free Agents New York Giants Should Contact

Benjamin J. BlockCorrespondent IIJune 5, 2013

5 Still Unsigned Free Agents New York Giants Should Contact

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    Many New York Giants fans don't know that in 1909 the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, was supposed to have been torn down and scrapped, but city officials intervened to save it.

    That story has strong parallels to Big Blue and the 2013 unsigned free agents.

    Just as the iconic tower was discovered to possess a greater value—a radiotelegraph station—there are free agents out there who could be the Giants Eiffel Tower.

    This list explores five guys whom the G-Men need as badly as they need Big Blue. 

Dallas "Coming to New York" Clark

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    Why not bring in a tight end who has been around the block and already has the experience of working with a Manning?

    Dallas Clark is not the same player as he was between 2007 and 2009, but the unsigned veteran would be a tremendous mentor to new Giant TE Brandon Myers, as well as being a nice alternative to Bear Pascoe as the backup.

    Though New York has gotten fine production at tight end over the last few years, the position has nonetheless been a revolving door.

    Clark could easily end his career as a part-time target for Eli, an edge-blocker for David Wilson and a teacher for young receivers. 

Peyton "Not Eli's Brother" Hillis

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    It seems like a long time ago since Hillis racked up his 1,177-yard season for the Cleveland Browns in 2010, but he could be a perfect part-time back for Big Blue.

    With fullback Henry Hynoski's status uncertain, the Giants need a big, physical guy like Hillis in their backfield. He always seems to get those four or five tough yards, and Wilson and Andre Brown will be more effective with a bruiser like Hillis wearing down defensive lines.

    If Coughlin is smart, he'll lobby for Hillis.

John Abraham—Back to New York?

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    John Abraham had ten sacks in 2012, but for some reason, he's having trouble finding a team this offseason.

    If the Atlanta Falcons got ex-Giants veteran pass-rusher Osi Umenyiora, why can't Big Blue scoop up the ex-Falcons veteran pass-rusher.

    Abraham played some of his best years in New York for the Jets, so he knows all about the off-the-field distractions that come with putting on the pads in this city.

    With Jason Pierre-Paul recovering from his recent back surgery, depth at defensive end is even more paramount.

    Abraham still obviously has a knack for the sack—Big Blue would be silly not to take a chance on signing him.

The Headcase-Turned-Veteran Who Now Wants to Win

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    Who ever thought this would be a remote possibility, but Randy Moss would look great in Giant Blue.

    He still has moments when he shows off his old explosiveness, as he did last year with the San Francisco 49ers. The self-proclaimed "greatest receiver ever" would be a Plaxico-Burress-like target and have his best chance at a ring if he was catching passes from Eli Manning.

    The only concern is whether or not Moss can fall in line with Tom Coughlin's no-nonsense style of coaching.

    If Moss wants to show up early for meetings and be a team player, he'd be a welcome addition.

    And a scary one. 

The Passionate Eric Winston

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    Eric Winston's popularity rose through the roof last season after he defended his quarterback Matt Cassel after Kansas City fans cheered Cassel being knocked out of a game.

    In addition to his moral code, Winston is an above-average tackle and would add great depth to the G-Men's offensive line.

    While Winston hasn't missed a game in his entire career, David Diehl is on the decline, James Brewer is a bust and Justin Pugh will have to really impress Coughlin if he wants to start right away.

    Winston is the perfect fit and Big Blue would be wise to sign him.