Boxer's 'Come at Me, Bro' Moment Ends in an Immediate Knockout

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Chalk up another “Come at Me, Bro” sports moment for the ages.

A boxing match in Sunrise, Fla., turned into a clear-cut bro-down when one fighter decided to urge his opponent on and immediately paid the consequences. 

It was the fifth round of a junior middleweight bout between Miguel Zuniga and Daquan Arnett when someone had a little too much adrenaline pumping and decided to let his guard up to issue a quick challenge, according to Sean Newell of Deadspin.

Zuniga was feeling spry, and having landed a few shots on covered-up Arnett, took a moment to back away and politely ask for him to bring it on, bro.

GIF courtesy of Adam Rifkin of PandaWhale

The challenge was received, and without even asking him to sign for the package, Arnett delivered a jarring parcel of pain to Zuniga’s jaw, casting the fighter down into the dark pits of unconsciousness.

The sportscasters put it best—you get what you wish for in these kind of instances. You want to tangle with the devil, you better be ready to do some hot-stepping. 

Unfortunately for Zuniga, he didn’t keep his guard up or manage to get out of the way in time, and the result was a face full of the humblest pie, which doesn’t come in key lime—not even in South Florida. 

The fighter was reportedly able to recover enough to stand after taking the left hook of judgment. Zuniga’s corner, however, decided to throw in the towel when it saw how shaky its man was looking, and the technical knockout was awarded to Arnett.

What’s more surprising is that Zuniga isn’t exactly a newbie, either. This was the 25-year-old fighter’s 12th bout in nine years, according to BoxRec, and he’s now sitting at a 10-2 record.

He could’ve been 11-1, but he fell victim to brotosterone—the chemical bros secrete when they’re feeling tough.

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