How Big E Langston Is Benefitting from Dolph Ziggler's Concussion

Anthony MangoFeatured ColumnistJune 4, 2013

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It has been weeks since Dolph Ziggler has competed in a WWE ring, leaving the entirety of his current feud with Alberto Del Rio to rest upon the shoulders of his partner, Big E Langston.

While this has done nothing but harm Ziggler's career, keeping up his record of having a tarnished World Heavyweight Championship reign, it has also done the complete opposite to Langston's.

This situation has given Langston the keys to fast forward through an entire year's worth of his career in one month's time frame.

Langston was paired with Ziggler at the tail end of last year, but his presence on the roster wasn't felt until WrestleMania. Throughout that entire time period, there was almost no point in Langston being called up from NXT. This goes against the mentality of waiting until WWE Creative has a plan for someone before bringing them up.

However, by filling the void left by Ziggler, Langston has been able to showcase his talents in a remarkable environment.

There is no doubt that if Ziggler were able to perform, we would still be watching matches between Langston and Del Rio, but they would largely consist of Langston only winning with Ziggler's interference and Del Rio one-upping the newcomer to look strong against Ziggler.

With virtually nothing else available for WWE to work with, instead, the matches between Langston and Del Rio needed to be drawn out. This allows for Langston to look stronger so fans are not as tired of seeing it as they would be if they were nothing but squashes for Del Rio to win.

Granted, Langston has not won every match, and his wins have been tainted to some degree, but in the grand scheme of WWE booking, he has fared much better than most would in comparison if they were in such a feud. Langston looks stronger because of this rather than like a lackey sidekick who can job so the champion doesn't need to lose.

Because Langston looks stronger, his credibility goes up.

On top of this, Langston is one of the only "strong man" gimmicks currently active. Mark Henry and Big Show are out with injuries, Ryback is being protected and rarely wrestling as always, and Sheamus is busy wasting time with Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow.

If this continues, Langston will be in a prime position to move on to showcase his strengths against others and pick up the slack in that department very soon.

Perhaps, the biggest upgrade that can potentially come out of this (and relatively soon) is the much-discussed face turn. Langston has a built-in storyline reason for turning babyface, feeling as though he has been pulling all the weight for an ungrateful Ziggler.

United States champion Dean Ambrose is hurting for new challengers which is another role that Langston can fill down the line if this is a success. Perhaps, he may even be the one to dethrone the member of The Shield.

The more Langston wrestles a main-event star such as Del Rio and looks strong in the process, the better he will look in terms of roster credibility. If WWE keeps this up, they could be looking at a much quicker path to building a superstar out of Langston than they would have ever thought.

Do you agree that Ziggler's concussion has been beneficial to Langston, or do you believe that this will mean nothing in the long run?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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