Twitter Reaction to Awkward Chris Jericho and Paul Heyman Segment on WWE Raw

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 4, 2013

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The contract signing on Monday's WWE Raw featured a strange moment where Chris Jericho stuffed the contract into Paul Heyman's pants—and Twitter responded with a collective raised eyebrow.

In the process of signing the contract for the Jericho vs. CM Punk match, things broke down. It wasn’t in the usual way where the stars signing got into a scuffle. Instead, Jericho and Heyman invaded each other's personal space.


Jericho tried to move the location of the match from Punk's hometown of Chicago to Los Angeles, to New York and to Hartford. When that failed, he signed anyway.

He then asked Heyman to unbutton his shirt.

As Kayfabe News pointed out, it's not often that anyone makes that request.

Jericho talked about where to file the contract, about whose office to keep it in. He then apparently decided to file it in Heyman's pants. Don't people usually just email copies of contracts to each other?

This was the moment that got people talking on Twitter.

WWE fans don't normally see folks sliding things into each other's pants, so it's no surprise that they were tweeting so much about this segment.

There were a ton of jokes about Jericho's actions not being PG-appropriate. Not surprisingly, WWEThatsNotPG, an account dedicated to poking fun at WWE moments that are unintentionally inappropriate, had something to say.

The contract signing was one of those moments that fans would be embarrassed to be watching if someone walked in on them. How do you explain that to a non-fan? How do you explain it to a fan, for that matter?

Fan Jennifer Lynn wasn't watching Monday’s WWE Raw, but got excited about the prospect of a man removing his clothing in the segment—just not Heyman.

While many fans felt weird about Jericho and Heyman's intimate moment, Breaking Kayfabe put a positive spin on it.

Whatever WWE was trying to achieve with the segment, it didn't seem to work. Jericho didn't come off as threatening. The feud wasn't furthered.

It was just an odd moment that bucked contract-signing protocol in a major way.

When the video promo before Punk and Jericho's match recounts their feud, chances are the contract signing and the pants-stuffing climax to it won't show up on it.