Top MLB Prospect Jonathan Gray Tests Positive for Adderall at Pre-Draft Program

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIJune 3, 2013

Oklahoma Sooner's pitcher Jonathan Gray has tested positive for Adderall at a pre-draft screening, per Keith Law of ESPN.

As Law points out, Gray is widely regarded as the No. 2 overall prospect in the upcoming MLB draft, which makes this news all the more alarming. He did not have a prescription for the drug.

"TUE" in the above tweet means therapeutic use exemption. 

One can't help but wonder if this will have an adverse effect on Gray come draft day.

Per Law's report, the Joint Drug Agreement between Major League Baseball and its players union prohibits the use of Adderall. Law goes on to state that exemptions have been handed out in the past, but Gray was not one of the players to receive a pardon.

Keep in mind, Philadelphia Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz, an All-Star in 2012, was suspended for 25 games after testing positive for Adderall.   

Whether or not Gray's draft stock takes a hit, there was reason to believe that he would face a punishment. Surprisingly, that won't happen, as Gray will instead get away relatively unscathed.

Per Law's MLB sources, Gray will not be suspended for his violation.

Due to his status as a collegiate athlete, it is understandable why MLB would decide against a suspension. There's no guarantee that Gray will be available for the 2014 MLB season, although a minor-league suspension would be reasonable to expect.

If nothing else, Gray's failed drug test could result in a career-long red flag that places the MLB on high alert. As unfortunate as that may be, Major League Baseball has been strict about its drug policy, and nipping this violation in the bud is key.

The true question on everyone's mind, however, will be whether this causes Gray to drop down draft boards. Time will soon tell.