Coastal Carolina's Alex Buccilli Has the Weirdest Batting Stance in the Country

Kenny Dorset@kdorsetDirector of Social MediaJune 3, 2013

As far crazy batting stances go, Coastal Carolina's Alex Buccilli has to be at the top of the list. Buccilli was spotted over the weekend doing this in the batter's box. 

You don't love America if you don't love Alex Buccilli's stance RT @purpleandgold: Craziest batting stance I've seen:…

— Kendall Rogers (@KendallRogersPG) June 1, 2013

This isn't the first time Buccilli's stance has caused a stir on the Internet. Here he is showing it off last year against Clemson.

Here's another look at his stance, looking equally weird, via BuzzFeed:

Whatever works, I guess.