English Premier League Twitter Highlights of the Week

A WriterContributor IIIJune 4, 2013

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 15:  Jose Mourinho manager of Inter Milan speaks to the media during a press conference ahead of their UEFA Champions League last 16 second leg match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on March 15, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)
Phil Cole/Getty Images

Thanks to the transfer gossip, the manager rumors, the comings, the goings, and the unveiling of the new kits for Premier League teams next season, summertime is often the most exciting time of the year on Twitter.

Except of course when Justin Bieber gets a new haircut.

And this week hasn't disappointed. In fact it's been a pretty big one for the Premier League, because look who's back.

Jose Mourinho has officially been welcomed back by Chelsea on Monday and Premier League fans in turn can welcome back the use of the hash-tag #thespecialone on a weekly basis. Although, not if Jose has his way.

However, the Portuguese manager seems pleased with the events which occurred in the Chelsea boardroom, as he returns to what seems to be the love of his life. Not one to shy away from sound bites, Jose Mourinho has already provided the British press with enough to see them through until his official press conference on Monday, in his interview on Chelsea TV.

Michael Essien is also pretty happy with the news that his footballing father has returned to Chelsea after The Special... Sorry, The Only One signed him for the Blues in 2005, and took the midfielder on loan to Real Madrid this season according to quotes he gave to the Sun (via Sky Sports).

From one silver-haired fox to another: Mark Hughes has bagged himself a new job as well. Although that's probably where the similarities between himself and Mourinho end. The Welshman was recently appointed as the new manager of Stoke City and has been welcomed with open arms by fans at the club.

And to thank Mark Hughes for all he did at their club, Queens Park Rangers fans sent a heart-warming message of support to their former manager at a petrol station near The Britannia.

But don't worry Mark Hughes, at least your life is not as troublesome as that of Luis Suarez. During a press conference in Uruguay, Suarez revealed his struggle to buy groceries was one of the reasons behind his desire to leave Liverpool.

But within moments of that interview being plastered all over twitter, Liverpool came out with their own statement.

Although we've all heard that before, as proven by searching the archives hidden on Liverpool's official website regarding a certain Mr Fernando Torres.

Then again, clubs are allowed to change their minds, as proven in Wales regarding newly promoted Cardiff City's new kit.

It was pretty horrible.

People didn't like it.

So the club offered fans a chance to vote for a new one.

And so they changed it.

It's still not blue though.

And for a final footnote we must welcome new tweeter Pepe Reina to the world of 140 characters. Luckily for us, he looks like he is going to tweet in both Spanish and English so that a multitude of fans are able to follow him fully as he goes about whatever he does in his offseason.

But Pepe, we don't need every little thing translated, it's just a waste of thumb movement. It's okay because you're new, you'll soon learn.