Paulina Gretzky Daily: Updates on Great One's Daughter

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 4, 2013

Paulina Gretzky Daily: Updates on Great One's Daughter

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    Paulina Gretzky: The name invokes thoughts of both greatness as well as incessant Instagram pics. 

    Yes, the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky has managed to carve out her own legacy in the minds and hearts of sports fans one peculiar tweet at a time. 

    Although, she is far more than just a pretty face, as she so passionately proclaimed in a Flare Magazine interview earlier this year.

    In it, Gretzky expounded on her budding music career, cameo in the movie Grown Ups II and her various relationships.  

    As for her current status, you can see Gretzky at various locales, taking in all life has to offer with her boyfriend, golfer Dustin Johnson. 

    Here we breakdown all the latest on sports' hottest WAG, Paulina Gretzky. 

October 3, 2013

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    If you were looking for something to look forward to, Paulina Gretzky's apparent bikini photos might do. 

    She took to Instagram on Friday to post this video teasing an upcoming photo spread. Come for the obligatory "Blurred Lines" tune, but stay for the bikini. 


August 18, 2013

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    A summer of boats, lakes and dancing on boats floating on lakes concludes with some huge news. It seems Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky are now engaged, as first reported by an elated Johnson on Twitter.

    Congratulations to the happy couple. May their lives be an ongoing party filled with Instagram photo sessions. 

July 31, 2013

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    Not to worry, fans. Paulina Gretzky hasn't left her life on a boat for good. She is back with another pic of her living the good life along some lake. 

    As Busted Coverage notes, the guy to her right is her brother Ty, who is something of a budding golfer. That's all well and good, but I want to know where I sign up to become a Gretzky kid and live on a lake for a few months. 

July 28, 2013

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    Paulina Gretzky was in Canada to root on her man at the RBC Canadian Open, apparently drawing some stares from golf bros taking in all the sights. 

    The Huffington Post spotted the posted image and also points us in the direction of Dustin Johnson's interview with ET Canada where he expounded on his lovely girlfriend. 

    I [came home] on Thursday and I was really frustrated and in a bad mood, but she always makes me smile and feel better and tells me you will play better tomorrow, it’s OK. 

    It's seems life is much more tolerable with Gretzky hanging around. 

July 4, 2013

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    Paulina Gretzky continues to live most of her life on boat. Lob Shots spotted a wealth of video and images of Gretzky partying up the holiday weekend while smooching Dustin Johnson and fondling her friends. 

    The Summer of Gretzky has reached its dancing in a bikini portion of the proceedings, so enjoy accordingly. 

June 26, 2013

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    If we have this correct, Paulina Gretzky's life consists of beaches and bikinis. As if that weren't enough, we can now add adorable primates to the rotation, and we aren't talking about Dustin Johnson. 

    The image was posted to Gretzky's Instagram feed with the caption, "Mine & @djohnsonpga New Lil Friend."

    For those needing just a little bit more information, The Daily Mail has pics of the two enjoying the company of this random monkey as well as the sun-drenched beaches of Barbados. 

June 21, 2013

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    Dustin Johnson continues to traipse around the world with Gretzky, but this time will get some golf in during their apparent worldwide tour.  

    The two can be seen here drinking in all the festivities at the BMW International Open 25th Anniversary Party from Munich, Germany. 

    Yahoo! Sports UK has a great many images of the happy couple over at their site. 

June 16, 2013

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    A nation dedicated a day to dad, remembering the big guys around the world who deserve a great deal of applause for being so awesome. 

    Paulina Gretzky offered up thanks in her own special way, on Instagram. The caption read, "Every Little Girls First Love..Their Dad. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD ❤"

    Finally, here is a social media post her father will actually enjoy

May 31, 2013

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    Sometimes Paulina Gretzky allows someone else to snap off a pic or two. 

    Taking time away from boating around the world with her golfing beau and taking Instagram selfies, Gretzky informed her Twitter followers that she was about to have a photoshoot with Antoine Verglas. 

    Here is just one of the images from what I would deem a successful shoot with a photographer who has captured the likes of Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford

May 26, 2013

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    Dustin Johnson is a man with a world's riches by his side. The golfer was recently traipsing around Peanut Island with Gretzky while enjoying some time away from the tour. 

    Larry Brown Sports spotted some tweets and rather captivating images of the two living the high life on some rather calm seas. 

May 21, 2013

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    Pops might be wasted. 

    Yes, this might be a breakdown of all things Paulina, but that certainly includes moments when her dear ol' dad makes silly headlines. 

    As Shot of Ginn spotted and Deadspin later reported, The Great One was out having a good time, which inevitably led to a great time in South Carolina. 

    Bystanders lucky enough to party with the hockey legend alleged he was "hammered." For some reason, we believe them. Partying, as it seems, runs in the family. 

May 16, 2013

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    Busted Coverage informed us in the middle of last month that Dustin Johnson happened upon the best way to rehab a back injury: hang out on a boat with his beautiful girlfriend. 

    Even if Johnson was perfectly healthy, something tells me he would find it mighty difficult to get himself to go back on tour.