MLB Draft Picks 2013: Biggest Reaches from Day 2

Steven CookFeatured Columnist IVJune 7, 2013


The best prospects may have come off the board on Thursday during the first day of the 2013 MLB draft, but some big-time action still occurs on Friday during Rounds 3-10 of the 40-round spectacle. 

While the consequence of reaching for a player is minimized in such a marathon of a draft, the first few rounds can be pivotal for franchises who are struggling to find their way back to playoff contention. An off pick could be the difference between getting a 10-year starter or picking a dud. 

Let's take a look at the biggest surprises and reaches from Day 2 of the 2013 MLB draft.


New York Mets (84th overall): Casey Meisner, RHP

With one of the first picks on Day 2, it was a big surprise to see the New York Mets take a right-hander who is heading to Texas Tech and has almost no signability.

There's no doubt this class of 2013 prospect from Cypress Woods High School in Texas has the potential to be a game-changing pitcher with his big, 6'7" frame and a powerful fastball. But with such a large build, Casey Meisner needs a few years of development before he'd be utilized in the majors.

And when you're looking at your top picks in a franchise that is struggling for future starters, picks like this cannot be wasted. And if Meisner opts to stay with Texas Tech for a year or more, that's just what it'll be. 


San Diego Padres (86th overall): Bryan Verbitsky, RHP

Out of Hofstra, this reliever was a big reach and not the type of pick you usually see in the third round. 

Bryan Verbitsky comes in with a couple of solid pitches that will eventually be effective as part of a rotation, but his emphasis as a two-way player in college leads one to believe it'll take a little extra time to fine-tune his skills.

Just as crucial, his fastball is around 90 mph, which won't overpower MLB hitters in relief appearances. With a 6'0" frame, it'll take some considerable time to improve his speed as well.

Verbitsky has big-time potential, but it's not the type of pick you'd expect so early into the third round. 


New York Mets (116th overall): L.J. Mazzilli, 2B

Hate to rag on the Mets again, but here's another pick whom I'm not quite a fan of from New York early on Friday.

Coming out of Connecticut, L.J. Mazzilli opted to return to the Huskies for his senior season after being taken in the ninth round in the 2012 draft. In doing so, he racked up big numbers as a senior and upped his draft status.

However, there's not enough to take from Mazzilli's overall resume as a prospect to justify him as an early fourth-round pick. His defense is improving, but still has holes, and he's not an above-average hitter. 


Seattle Mariners (147th overall): Jack Reinheimer, SS

An undersized shortstop prospect, Jack Reinheimer is one of the best picks out of his position, but that isn't saying much in this draft. Shortstops coming out of college are hard to come by in this class, and Reinheimer going early is a reflection of that.

After playing his last three years at East Carolina, the 5'10" player improved from a 31st-round pick in 2010 to the fifth round this year. Even though it's over a long span, that's still an incredible jump for a player.

Reinheimer hasn't improved his ability to drive the ball or cover the field efficiently enough in college to warrant him going so early in the draft. A long-term project, this newcomer won't pay off for Seattle early on.


St. Louis Cardinals (155th overall): Ian McKinney, LHP

Not only is Ian McKinney just coming out of high school, but he's spent much of his time at first base and projects to be a reliever at the next level. On top of that, he's undersized for a lefty.

McKinney admitted himself he was surprised with the pick, and the UCF signee who planned to honor his commitment to play college ball now has a tough decision in his hands, according to Bay News 9

Should he decide to take the signing bonus and enter the Cardinals' farm system, this pick becomes much less of a reach and could work out in the long run.

But just coming out of high school and headed to a college that he's excited about, don't expect McKinney to make this pick worthwhile for the Cards with signability a big issue.