Athlete WAGs Who Seem Like Fun

Jessica MarieCorrespondent IIJune 4, 2013

Athlete WAGs Who Seem Like Fun

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    You can just tell that some WAGs are really cool. 

    Whether the smoking gun is Twitter, a former reality show or TMZ, some of these dudes chose wisely because their chicks definitely know how to have a good time. 

    Some of them are more wholesome. You can imagine shopping with them, or watching a game and drinking a beer with them. And some of the otherswell, we know they like to party, and depending on your gender, you would totally want them to either plan your bachelorette party or be present at your bachelor party. 

    Either way, all of these chicks serve their own solid purposes. Here are some of the ones who seem like they'd be the most fun.

20. Anna Burns Welker

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    Anyone who was paying attention during last year's NFL playoffs knows that Wes Welker's lady has a little bit of an attitude. 

    After the Ravens destroyed the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, Anna Burns Welker went right for the jugular as far as Ray Lewis was concerned, urging her Twitter followers to check out his Wikipedia page for salacious information such as his criminal record and his multiple illegitimate children. 

    Burns Welker later apologized for her emotional reaction, but you have to love someone who cares that much about losingand even though Welker had to pretend that her comments were inappropriate, everyone knows that he and everyone else on the Patriots probably thought they were hilarious. 

19. Bridgette Wilson

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    Veronica Vaughn is a legend and deserves a spot on the countdown, even if she's not real. 

    Bridgette Wilson's biggest claim to fameaside from marrying Pete Samprasis playing they title character's (disinterested) love interest in Adam Sandler's 1995 comedy Billy Madison

    Anyone who can pull off such a stellar musical number as the one above has to be fun to hang out with. As is anyone who can roll with the kind of crude humor that is ever-present in any Adam Sandler masterpiece. 

18. Carrie Prejean

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    Someone can be fun to hang with because making fun of her never ceases to entertain, right? 

    Enter Carrie Prejean. 

    She may look eerily familiar, and that's because she embarrassed herself (and her home state of California) with her performance in the 2009 Miss USA pageant. She finished as the first runner-up after earning the Miss California crown (a designation that was later revoked do to unsavory details about her past), but she might have taken first if she hadn't totally botched her answer to Perez Hilton's infamous question about whether every state should legalize same-sex marriage. 

    It's one thing when you can eloquently state your reasons for being against gay marriage. But when your rambling response includes gems such as being a fan of "opposite marriage" and "no offense," you should probably just plead the fifth. 

    Kyle Boller married Prejean despite her IQ, and he and his buddies probably still get a good laugh out of her shortcomings. 

17. Hayden Panettiere

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    First of all, you have to respect the girl for not caring about the nearly 1.5-foot height difference between herself and her betrothed. She looks like his child standing next to him, but love is blind, right? 

    Panettiere, best known for playing a butt-kicking cheerleader and a butt-kicking country singer on TV, has been dating WBC heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko off and on for years, and earlier in 2013, they rekindled their romance and are reportedly engaged

    Not only is Hayden awesomely loathsome as country diva Juliette Barnes in Nashville, but you have to love a girl who isn't afraid to take Bill O'Reilly to task

    And plus, her first role in a feature film was as the kid in Remember the Titans, which is also awesome. 

16. LaLa Anthony

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    LaLa Anthony has proven time and time again that she can roll with the punches. 

    It's probably difficult to laugh it off when your husband's mortal enemy makes crude comments about you and then they get leaked to the press, but LaLa is a pro. 

    The former MTV VJ, who married Carmelo Anthony in 2010, made headlines late last year when Kevin Garnett reportedly taunted the Knicks star by telling him his wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios. Carmelo may have blown a gasket over it, but LaLa chose to take the high road and turn it into a joke.

    But take note: If she thinks you've gone a little too far, she's not afraid to put you in your place. And that's hilarious, too. 

15. Anna Benson

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    Anna Benson is one of the most famous and infamous WAGs of all time, so even if she and Kris are finally getting a divorce (or are they?), she still deserves to lay claim to her spot on the countdown. 

    Benson was one of the ladies who originally put WAGs on the map. She is the original attention-mongerer. She knows how to make a headline and how to make sure she is the fairest WAG of them all. 

    The former stripper and certified crazy person married former Mets hurler Kris Benson in 1999 and helped him stay relevant for years because of her "outspokenness" (aka her willingness to share inappropriately intimate details of their...personal life with whoever would listen). 

    Twice, she has threatened Kris with divorce because of his alleged infidelity, but perhaps she realized that without Kris she would have nothing. 

14. Jaime Edmondson

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    When Evan Longoria got famous, he did what any good little MLB All-Star would do: He made a Playboy Playmate equally famous by marrying her. And Jaime Edmondson has returned the favor by bearing his child, calling it "weird" to be someone's mother and being generally amusing on Twitter. 

    In addition to being a former Playmate, Edmondson was also a Dolphins cheerleader and an Amazing Race contestant. Now, she blogs about sports for Playboy and hangs out with her kid while her hubby plays baseball. 

    And when she's not busy doing any of that, she is tweeting things like, "Is it really necessary for a trainer to spot you when you are doing female pushups? I feel disturbed after seeing that at the gym" and "I see you sir, stalking the ladies at happy hour."

13. Eliza Dushku

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    Anyone who has seen one of my favorite movies of all time knows how awesome Eliza Dushku is. 

    Not only did she play emo cheerleader Missy in Bring It On, but Dushku also starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse. Plus, she is apparently unintimidated to replace the venerable Vanessa Williams as Rick Fox's arm candy; the two have been an item since 2009. 

    Beyond all that, anyone who is the CEO of a company called Boston Diva Productions deserves props. 

12. Shakira

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    Shakira is awesome. She can belly dance, she can yodel like no one has yodeled before, and she can make you believe that she totally did it on purpose when she got pregnant with Girard Pique's baby after dating him for like a month. 

    Nevertheless, the Colombian songstress and the Spanish footballer have stayed together since she had her little bundle of joy last year, but having a baby hasn't turned her into a boring old mom. No. Shakira hasn't managed to remain relevant since 1995 because she's meek and soft-spoken. 

    Shakira never holds back in an interview, openly sharing about everything from the experience of delivering a child to her plans to breastfeed until her son is in college.

11. Caroline Wozniacki

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    Sure, Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlroy are probably the most G-rated couple on the countdown, and they don't seem to do much other than hold hands and tweet about their love for Django Unchained (hashtag: blood). 

    But you have to love her willingness to poke fun at her two-time major-winning man. When the couplewhose relationship seems to revolve around selfies and trips to the gymwent for a quick run in Monaco when they first started dating, Wozniacki had no problem telling the world that McIlroy was fading before he hit the two-mile mark: "It was quite hot out there. After 15 minutes, I could really see he was struggling out there. He didn't make it."

    Apparently, she's more athletic than he is, and plus, she caddies for him. What is cooler than that? 

10. Brooklyn Decker

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    Brooklyn Decker is a chick who doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. How else can you account for her presence in both Battleship and What to Expect While You're Expecting

    Not only is she a SI swimsuit cover model, but she also is a decent actress and managed to snag the most eligible (American) tennis player on the planet. She and Andy Roddick got married in 2009, and ever since then, she was a constant courtside presence at all of his matches until he retired. 

    She's a swimsuit model who could watch tennis all day, every day. It couldn't get much better than that for Roddick.

9. Elisha Cuthbert

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    Anyone who dates Sean Avery and lives to tell about it deserves an award of some sort. This will have to do.

    Not only did the 24 and Happy Endings alum date the NHL's most notorious d-bag, but shortly after their ill-fated relationship came to its natural end, she moved on to fellow NHLer Dion Phaneuf, to whom she is now engaged.

    Avery was famously miffed about his ex's new relationship, telling several media outlets, "I just want to comment on how it's become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds." 

    Anyone who can take the high road after hearing a comment like that seems pretty cool indeed. Plus, she's a huge hockey fan.

8. Amanda McCarthy

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    Too many WAGs just stand next to their men and smile and look pretty for the cameras without offering any substance. But not Amanda McCarthy. 

    McCarthy, who has been married to high school sweetheart and Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon McCarthy since 2010, has never shied away from using Twitter to poke a little but of fun at her man. 

    Exhibit A: On his birthday, she tweeted this at him:

    @b__mccarthy Happy birthday babe!! Congrats.. your balls are a little saggier today

    — Amanda McCarthy (@Mrs_McCarthy32) July 7, 2011


    Exhibit B: She knows how to make light of a rough situation. After Brandon got hit in the head by a line drive, she tweeted this:


    Two face from Batman lives and he is refusing to wear a hat.. Sorry people of SF…

    — Amanda McCarthy (@Mrs_McCarthy32) September 12, 2012

7. Gisele Bundchen

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    Gisele doesn't always come across as the most approachable person, but being the highest-paid supermodel in the world will do that to you. 

    The good thing about Gisele, though, is she doesn't try to be anyone she's not, for better or worse. 

    Often, being as outspoken as she is ends poorly, but it's still entertainingand it's still better than her being a pageant queen. Remember the time she verbally accosted a bunch of raucous Giants fans after her hubby and the Patriots lost Super Bowl XLVI? Or remember the time she accidentally insulted every woman who has gained a pound while pregnant? 

    At least she tells it like it is. Plus, she managed to convince her husband he should model his haircut after Rafael Nadal and also taught him how to dance like this. So there's that.

6. This Chick

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    Um, so there are the WAGs like Gisele, who pretty much do and say whatever they want, regardless of their (often more famous) significant others' wishes. 

    And then there are the WAGs like Rachael Cordingley. She is so invested in her man's wrestling career that she agreed to "abstain from sexual contact" with him for three months because he thought it would boost his chances of beating Mikkel Kessler. 

    According to the New York Daily News, Carl Froch and his lady slept in separate bedrooms while he trained for the bout in the hopes that it would make him "feel stronger and fitter" because his "body holds on to more testosterone."

    Now that is dedication and selflessness. And putting up with a crazy person. 

5. Carrie Underwood

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    Carrie Underwood seems like a pretty wholesome, normal Southern girl, and I've never met a guy who didn't adore her. 

    Not only is she insanely talented and beautiful, but she seems super sweet and down to earth. She shows up to as many of husband Mike Richard's games as she can, and she doesn't draw attention to herself. She genuinely loves sports and would prefer to be watching a game and drinking a beer over partying with her fellow Us Weekly fixtures any day. 

    And she even made room in her closets for him after they moved in together and got married. 

    But appearances can be deceiving: She, like any good country pop princess, has a dark alter ego
    You never know what you're going to get with her. 

4. Gabrielle Union

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    Like someone else on this countdown, Gabrielle Union first inserted herself into the mainstream with an impressive turn as a fierce cheerleader in Bring It On

    What better way to transition that into everlasting fame than to become the WAG of the alleged dirtiest player in the NBA? 

    Union is the longtime GF of Dwyane Wade, which means she is a constant courtside fixture during Heat games and, when appropriate, championship celebrations, where she has proven that she certainly isn't afraid of a little PDA

    But unlike many of the other WAGs, she leaves the basketball talk mostly to Wade and his teammates. Instead of inserting herself into rivalries and trash-talking opponents, she uses her Twitter to promote her own projects and tweet about Krispy Kremes and farting

3. Hilary Duff

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    She's Lizzie McGwire! How can you not think she's the coolest person in the world?

    Though Hilary Duff's entertainment career has cooled off substantially since her days as a Disney starlet and as the singer of the Laguna Beach theme song, she still has kept herself in the public eye thanks to her marriage to former NHL player Mike Comrie. 

    The two tied the knot in 2010, but long before then, she had established herself as one of the coolest people in Hollywoodnot only because she was Lizzie McGwire but also because she was one of the first people to call out Lindsay Lohan for what she truly was. 

    When the two of them were at the height of their tween fame circa 2003, they engaged in a very public feud over Aaron Carter (!!!). Duff won by marrying someone who was not Aaron Carter, and Lindsay Lohan lost by being herself. 

    Duff has also allegedly feuded with Avril Lavigne because Lavignebest known for dumping Brody Jenner for the lead singer of Nickelbackcalled her a "mommy's girl."

    Hilary Duff 2, Trashy C-Listers 0. 

2. Kendra Wilkinson

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    Kendra Wilkinson isn't almost at the top of this list just because she was one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends and because she was the only entertaining cast member of Girls Next Door

    Kendra Wilkinson is almost at the top of this list because she's hilarious and managed to spin being one of Hef's girlfriends into a legitimate career that doesn't involve pornography. 

    Wilkinson, who married NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett in 2009, moved out of the Playboy Mansion once she met her hubby and was rewarded with her own reality show that revolved around planning her wedding. She also appeared in several music videos, participated in a televised rap contest and blogged about football for the Eagles website. 

    Plus, she got married at the Playboy Mansion. You know life is never boring if you're getting married at the Playboy Mansion. 

1. Kristin Cavallari

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    She is polarizing, but so are Tom Brady, and LeBron James, and Ryan Lochte. Basically, she's in good company. 

    Kristin Cavallari was famous long before she married Jay Cutler, mostly for saying the name "Stephen" in such a distinctly nasal tone of voice and for dropping more f-bombs than any other female in the history of MTV reality programming. Yes, some may say she is a loose cannon, but as she proved on the final season of The Hills, she can be a good friend when she needs to be.

    But if she doesn't need to be, she will kindly tell you to go f*** yourself, probably several times, and sarcastically imitate everything you say while rolling her eyes, accusing you of being a drug addict and most likely stealing your boyfriend. In other words, she is a legend. 

    These days, K-Cav's life is far tamer. She and fiancee Cutler welcomed a baby just in time for the 2012 season, and when she's not dressing him in cute onesies, she is working on her Chinese Laundry shoe line. 

    But somewhere deep down, the good old MTV K-Cav still remains. And while we watch her highlight reel above, we can be thankful for that.