Husky Interrupts College Baseball Game in Most Adorable Game Delay Ever

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Of all the field rushers to ever interrupt a sporting event, this furry interloper is the only one every fan present wanted to adopt. 

The NCAA baseball tournament matchup between Arizona State and Cal State Fullerton was interrupted Saturday night when a rogue Siberian husky wandered on to the field, according to SportsGrid.

It was the bottom of the second when Fullerton catcher Chad Wallach noticed something strange going on behind the pitcher. He stepped away from the plate, holding up a hand in a way that said “Whoa, bros. There may or may not be a husky in the outfield."

Sure enough, the cameras turned to show a big beautiful Siberian husky trotting happily around the infield, which raised the game’s adorability levels by nearly 10,000,000.

The general consensus among viewers was "Ahhh!! Puppy!!"

While the stadium’s sound guy was unable to get a quick Baha Men soundtrack to accompany the adorable situation, the color commentary guys quickly went to work with the husky puns.

“There’s a pooch on the field!”

“I didn’t know Washington was in the tournament..."

Only at a baseball game can this kind of magic happen, and I believe it’s safe to say we now have seen the cutest field rusher in modern sports. This one gives “Soccer dog” and even “Basketball baby” a run for their money.

The only way something cuter can rush the field now is if a seal somehow ends up on the loose in the pool during the 100-meter butterfly in Rio De Janeiro—but even that can turn out poorly.

For those of you worried about this dog’s well-being (everyone), the animal was picked up by the CSUF police and returned to its owner, according to YouTube commenters

They say it had an identity chip under its fur—a chip I’ll presume was programmed to “awesome.”

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