Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston Is Bound to Happen in WWE

SMG@sethguttAnalyst IIJune 3, 2013

Ziggler and Langston are sure to feud with one another at some point (photo courtesy of
Ziggler and Langston are sure to feud with one another at some point (photo courtesy of

Dolph Ziggler has been off WWE TV for the last three weeks after suffering a concussion, while his bodyguard Big E Langston fights his battles for him. History in WWE would suggest that it’s only a matter of time for Ziggler and Langston to feud with one another.

AJ Lee turned on John Cena at WWE TLC 2012 and became the on-screen girlfriend of Dolph Ziggler. WWE felt that, although Ziggler now had a new woman by his side (his old woman, Vickie Guerrero, became the managing supervisor of Raw), the grouping wasn’t complete. AJ left in the middle of a tag team match to bring out Langston as their new bodyguard.

The trio of Ziggler, AJ and Langston developed into a nice little family. When Ziggler cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Raw the night after WrestleMania 29, Team Ziggler celebrated together. However, since then, there have been hints of a future split between Ziggler and Langston.

While canoodling with AJ backstage, Ziggler has ordered Langston to leave them alone. This would suggest a bit of foreshadowing. In the history of the company, this was a common situation to see between a Superstar and his bodyguard.

Shawn Michaels was in a similar situation in the 1990s with both Diesel and Sycho Sid. Diesel, aka Kevin Nash, was Michaels’ first bodyguard. Michaels and Diesel had a successful run as a pair, even capturing the tag titles in 1994. Ziggler and Langston wish they could say they were able to accomplish the same feat.

After a superkick from Michaels to Diesel at Survivor Series that year, the duo’s alliance began to dissolve. Diesel would eventually win the WWE title and feud with the Heartbreak Kid at one point.  When Michaels and Diesel squared off at WrestleMania XI, there was a new bodyguard in the corner of the Heartbreak Kid. That new bodyguard was Sycho Sid.

However, due to Sid’s distraction, Michaels would lose to Diesel that night. Michaels blamed Sid for the loss, which caused another break-up of Superstar and bodyguard.

Could we see a similar fate between World Heavyweight champion Ziggler and his bodyguard Langston?

Ziggler deserves a long title reign after waiting his turn for so long and dealing with his current injury. When he returns, WWE can begin to plant the seeds for Ziggler versus Langston or allow the tension to grow much slower.

Either way, it is going to happen. Langston could argue that he has been taking Ziggler’s place in matches against Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger. Eventually, Langston will get sick of the treatment of Ziggler. Langston may become jealous of the relationship between Ziggler and AJ.

Langston has shown potential to make a great babyface. His sense of humor is dry, and his mic work has been underrated. Then again, WWE could choose to keep Langston as the heel and turn Ziggler face. After all, the crowd (especially that one in New Jersey that I was a part of) was certainly behind the new World Heavyweight champion.

One way or another, Ziggler vs. Langston is not only a match we will see in the future, but it could be a great feud as well.

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