Wyoming Fans Wait for Fall with Guarded Optimism

J.D. ZinkContributor IMay 1, 2009

"Those who stay will be champions" - Dave Christensen during a recent Wyoming Cowboy's spring practice. 

The new head man at UW has ived and left little doubt about his expectations. The very successful offensive coordinator from Mizzou has implemented fast-paced, highly intense practices on the high plains.

The new work ethic and physicality have been embraced by the Wyoming veterans, but the Pokes have been ravished by injuries in Christensen's first spring on the Laramie campus. The amount of bumps and bruises have caused a bit of anxiety amongst some fans, but the majority are exited to hear about a hyper-competitive culture being established. 

Fans in Laramie had grown tired of the "losing with a smile" attitude Joe Glenn carried. I am a Wyoming native, and I am one of the fans starving for a winner.

Now, anyone who has been to Laramie knows there is not much to do. Furthermore, the landscape and climate are, often times, down right depressing. I can bad talk the state because I was born and raised here—any Utah or Colorado State fans bite your tongues.

It's like your sister—you can talk bad about her, but when somebody else does, you're the first to stick up for her.

Our major source of entertainment is the UW sports teams. We are a proud people and, sadly enough, so much of our self esteem is contingent on their success. Let's just say we have a bit of an inferiority complex right now. So, Dave please turn this thing around. We are sick of being the fat, ugly girl at the dance.