You Could Be A Bad Team If

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You Could Be A Bad Team If

In honor of the Detriot Lions "perfect" season, I am making a list of what signs to look for when deciding if a team isn't going to be winning much in a season. Without further dely, here is the list...


Your team might be in trouble if...

The Stadiums "reserved parking" is offered as a free service to the fans.

When your average attendance doesn't go past three digits.

When ESPN refers to you as "The team from (insert city)."

When your fans start talking about how good the team will be in two years.

When you continually have a vacancy at mascot.

When your GM at the end of the season are using the term "hard work" or "expectations" more than twice.

When Oakland continually compares itself to your team.

When you start paying people to come to your stadium.

When your team is a write-in for the 30-32 place on waivers.

When your team starts considering Bret Farve as your quarterback of the future.

Your local telvision network plays commersial for the local college instead of commersials advertising your team.

Your owner has nothing to say about your team.

Your team continually trades down in the draft.

Your facility is outdated by about 50 years give or take.

You are continually asking for a new stadium.

(will be adding to this list at a later time any suggestions anyone has I will add to this just post a reply)

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