Indiana Basketball: Predicting Hoosiers' Biggest Overachievers for 2014

Kyle GrandFeatured ColumnistJune 3, 2013

Indiana Basketball: Predicting Hoosiers' Biggest Overachievers for 2014

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    The Indiana Hoosiers are gearing up for the 2013-14 basketball season. With a refreshed roster, the Hoosiers will attempt to win back-to-back Big Ten championships. 

    With players such as Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo gone, others will have to step up in order to replace their production. The problem for the Hoosiers is the current roster is a mystery. It is filled with inexperienced players, especially because it features six freshmen. 

    In order to be successful this season, multiple Hoosiers will have to play better than expected. This slideshow will discuss three players that are the most likely to overachieve.

3. Jeremy Hollowell

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    Sophomore Jeremy Hollowell has plenty of talent to be an impact player for the Hoosiers. Before he arrived in Bloomington, he was the No. 42-ranked recruit in ESPN's 100. Watching film of him shows that he can attack the basket and is reliable from outside. 

    The problem last season was he never looked confident in his abilities. It looked like Hollowell didn't adjust well to the college level, which is understandable. Sometimes it takes a year or two to become comfortable in a new environment.

    Despite this, Hollowell is poised for a big season. While he didn't play a ton of minutes last year, he got enough experience to now be adjusted to college basketball.

    With four starters gone, he has a real shot to be in the starting five. Once he finds the confidence he had in high school, he will be a force. If Tom Crean decides to play him at small forward he can use his size (6'8", 217 lbs) to push around smaller players. If he is the power forward and plays down low, he can use his speed to cause havoc for bigger, slower defenders.

    Hollowell has a lot of potential to be a star for the Hoosiers. Now, he just has to unlock it. 

2. Will Sheehey

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    Senior Will Sheehey is finally going to be unleashed. For the first time in his career, he is going to be the first or second option when the Hoosiers have the ball.

    This is now his team.

    One of the reasons why Sheehey is going to explode next year is because he will receive increased playing time. The Big Ten Sixth Man of the Year is presumably moving into the starting lineup. Combine this with that fact that he is Indiana's most experienced player, and Sheehey should be a featured part of the Hoosiers' attack. 

    Last year, he averaged 9.5 points per game. This year he should be expected to average 12-13, but don't be surprised if that number is 15-16. He is a solid mid-range shooter and excels at finishing at the basket, making 40 percent of his two-point jump shot attempts and 70 percent of his shot attempts at the rim, according to If he can raise his three-point shooting percentage (34.6 percent last season) to around 38-39 percent, he will be one of the best players in the Big Ten.

1. Stanford Robinson

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    Freshman Stanford Robinson will be the Hoosiers' biggest overachiever because he is flying under the radar and is going to receive plenty of opportunities to contribute. 

    When dissecting the Hoosiers' recruiting class, the first three names that come to mind are Noah Vonleh, Troy Williams and Luke Fischer. Robinson isn't receiving much attention, so the expectations aren't too high. All of the pressure to carry the Hoosiers is on the 5-star recruit Vonleh and Will Sheehey. 

    Robinson will overachieve because of the opportunity in front of him. Robinson is rumored to be learning how to play point guard, so he can backup Yogi Ferrell. If that doesn't work out, he can remain a shooting guard and relieve Sheehey.

    No matter the position, he is going to receive plenty of time to make an impact.