Indiana Pacers Fans Chant LeBron James Is a Flopper During Game 6 Win

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistJune 2, 2013

LeBron James is a flopper, or so say the vast majority of Indiana Pacers fans.

Late in the third quarter of Indiana's Game 6 victory over the Miami Heat, James stepped up to the foul line, and the Pacers faithful didn't exactly roll out the welcome mat.

"He's a flopper," they bellowed over and over again.

James sank the ensuing free throw, but the Bankers Life Fieldhouse inhabitants got their message across. And they had a point.

Following a Game 4 flop fest in Indiana, the NBA fined James—along with David West and Lance Stephenson—$5,000 for violating the league's anti-flopping policy. Then, minutes before the chorus of coherent jeers, James flopped all over Paul George.


That's the sound of the NBA inevitably collecting $10,000 from James for his blatant flail that resulted in an offensive foul on George.

Indy was only up six points at the time, so of course fans were angry. This had the potential to be one of those game-changing embellishments.

Fortunately for the Pacers, James was unable to lead (or flop) his Heatles to victory.

Was Miami's loss karma at its best? Was it the powers at be exacting revenge upon James for furthering his reputation as an habitually self-contradicting con artist?

Not exactly. South Beach's loss had more to do with the Pacers continuing to play impeccable basketball and Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade forgetting which team they played for. 

The flop was simply James' way of attempting to recapture momentum. It didn't work. The Pacers won, Indiana's supporters exposed him in the process and his wallet is about to take a hit.

Apparently, sometimes flopping really can hurt.