TNA Slammiversary 2013: Stars That Must Shine Sunday Night

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJune 2, 2013

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TNA’s Slammiversary pay-per-view is just a few hours away from kicking off, and the excitement from the wrestling world about the company’s second-largest show of the year is through the roof.

If TNA is ever going to put on an amazing show now that the company only runs four PPVs per year, it is going to be Sunday’s edition of Slammiversary.

While the match card isn’t the best, all of the following top stars must shine Sunday night in order for TNA to be a viable company in the wrestling business moving forward.


Bully Ray

TNA took a huge risk letting Bully Ray win the World Championship, but as a company trying to find its place in the industry, they must follow through and allow the current champion to defend the title successfully against Sting.

Sting is one of the greatest performers the wrestling business has ever seen, and with the stipulation that he would never get another title shot if Bully Ray beats him, it’s time for The Icon to put the current champion over in spectacular fashion.

Bully Ray has played the ultimate heel, and while Aces & Eights has struggled to gain traction with the fans, the leader of the gang has remained one of the most hated figures in all of wrestling.

TNA has taken the right risk giving the strap to Bully Ray, but if the company doesn’t book him to win Sunday night, all of the progress made over the last several months will be thrown out the window.

Bully Ray must retain the title.


Austin Aries and Bobby Roode

Both Austin Aries and Bobby Roode have worn the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but have since been relegated to the tag team division. As great as they have been as a team, they are main-event talent being squandered.

If Aries and Roode do not win the tag team championships Sunday, their immense talent will be wasted once again. Not only must the duo win the tag team titles back, Aries and Roode must become the focal point of the entire division if they aren’t moving back to the heavyweight title scene in the immediate future.

Since both stars are receiving a reaction from the crowd and Bad Influence has been red hot as the heel tag team, TNA should be considering turning Aries' and Roode's faces like Team Hell No in WWE.

These are two of the most talented performers in wrestling today, and they deserve to be pushed to the top of the card.


Chris Sabin

After tearing his ACL on two separate occasions and spending the last two years of his career recovering, Sunday at Slammiversary must be Chris Sabin’s time to shine.

Not only should Sabin beat both Suicide and Kenny King for the X-Division championship—the Ultimate X match is destined to be the highlight of the PPV—it should be the TNA veteran that eventually cashes in the title for a shot at the world championship.

Sabin’s inspirational story makes him an easy favorite for the fans, and with few X-Division stars transcending their smaller size, if TNA feels Sabin has a future like Austin Aries, he must walk out of Slammiversary looking unstoppable.


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