Will Someone Win Their Second Heisman This Season?

Kyle StrittholtCorrespondent IMay 1, 2009

The only person to ever win the Heisman Trophy twice was Archie Griffin. Since then there have been plenty of younger players to win the Heisman and set up to win a second, but all have failed.


Can Sam Bradford or Tim Tebow win their second this season? I think they both have a great shot of repeating, but I don’t think they will.


When you look at Tebow, he has been a great football player, but he won the Heisman by scoring 20 rushing touchdowns and 20 passing touchdowns in the same year.


He’s not going to do that again because the Gators need him so badly if they want back to back national championship.


Sam Bradford has a lot of talent to surround him, and he is playing in the Big 12 where offense is the focus.


I don’t think he will do it because each year there are new players that step up.


Personally, I think that Colt McCoy should have won last season. The Longhorns were shorted on the National Championship and the Heisman last season.


I don’t know why Texas keeps getting shorted, but they do. First it was Vince Young and now Colt McCoy.


There has been a lot of hype surrounding Florida and Oklahoma, but Texas will be the team to watch, and I’m sure McCoy will be playing to his maximum potential. I think McCoy will win it this year and come up as an underdog.


Another player to watch out for is Terrelle Pryor. The Buckeyes are coming on a reloading year where they have a lot to prove, and this team is all on Pryor’s shoulders. If they can have a good season Pryor’s name will be in the mix.