WWE's Bray Wyatt: Get Ready to Be Awe-Inspired, Offended, at the Same Time

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJune 2, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

Bray Wyatt is (finally) coming to the WWE's main roster.  Formerly known as Husky Harris of NXT fame/obscurity, Wyatt has spent the past several months lighting developmental territory NXT on fire. 

Those who work in NXT are reportedly very excited about the impending debut of the Wyatt family, and for good reason. 

It's a blatant plagiarism of Cape Fear, which was already attempted, and failed, by the WWE in the form of Waylon Mercy. 

The second time may be the charm.  Windham Rotunda seems to be so immersed in this character that he may have to have his passports changed. 

Wyatt's promos are enhanced by him often twirling about while wearing a Hawaiian T-shirt, white pants an a semi-satanic grin.  He has the potential to garner the type of heat that bothers Triple H enough to make a special appearance just to extinguish it.  Right, Phil? 

Pro wrestling characters are at their finest when they're striking a nerve.  Politics, religion and race can all be deftly exploited in order to achieve this.  Results have been mixed with this type of fan-baiting, but The Nation of Domination and the white-hot Muhammad Hassan are good examples of this tactics. 

Bray Wyatt's cult-like sentiments will stand out in WWE's PG era.  The dark overtones and bearded heavies will scare the children while inspiring the responsible adults to fork over their money to see this monster stopped. 

"Hey.  You wanna see something really scary?"  That's the question Bray Wyatt asks before his original and fitting theme music ("Broken Out in Love" by Mark Crozer and The Rels) is cued up.

The money that can be made if this gimmick is executed properly could be frightening.  

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