Can D-Wade Get a Little Help?

Matt KnowlesContributor IMay 1, 2009

Am I the only one who feels bad for D-Wade while they are watching the Heat/Hawks playoffs series? 

Take a look at the talent, or should I say, lack of talent the Miami Heat organization has stock piled around him. He has a rookie point guard in Chalmers, who at times has shown flashes, but in the playoffs he has looked like a rookie. 

Then you have JO.  Lets be honest, this guy hasn't been a legit center for years. In my opinion, the Heat would have been better off keeping Marion, who could at least play some defense and run up and down the court with Wade. 

The other starters are James Jones and Udonis Haslem, and I don't think I need to say too much about either of them.  Sure Haslem might give you the occasional double-double but he isn't a play maker and he isn't a reliable option for Wade to look to. 

Beasley and Cook coming off the bench aren't terrible and can put up some points but they are far too inconsistent.  They fill out the roster with guys like Jamaal Magloire, Mark Blount, Joel Anthony, Luther Head, and the always dangerous Chris Quinn.  Unless you're a die hard NBA fan I am sure you are asking, "who?" when you hear names like that.  This by far has to be one of the worst benches left in the NBA playoffs.

D-Wade carried this team on his back all season long and if you take him off this team, I don't know if the collection of players left behind could scrap together double-digit wins. 

D-Wade should have been this year's MVP based on what he did for his team and where he was able to take them this year.  You can hate on him for taking too many shots and trying to do too much but with the players he has around him, I don't blame him.