Belmont Stakes 2013: Underdogs Sure to Shine at Triple Crown's Last Leg

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Belmont Stakes 2013: Underdogs Sure to Shine at Triple Crown's Last Leg
Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Overanalyze could rise up the leaderboard at the Belmont Stakes.

All the talk regarding the upcoming Belmont Stakes mainly revolves around the two top dogs (well, horses), but there are 13 other entrants looking to pull off an upset.

The final race of the Triple Crown will take place on Saturday, June 8, but there will be no sweep to be seen after Orb won the Kentucky Derby and Oxbow took home the Preakness.

Naturally, those two are entering the Belmont Stakes as the favorites, with Todd Pletcher's Revolutionary gaining more and more traction as a contender.

Sure, you could just bet on Orb or Oxbow, but where's the fun in that?

Although few onlookers are giving these horses a fighting chance, you should not count them out to gallop loudly on the grand stage.


Let's try not to over-analyze the field. (See what I did there? Eh?)

One of Pletcher's many horses in the race, Overanalyze is coming off an 11th-place finish at the Kentucky Derby. He sat out the Preakness, so any attention given to him will be minimal.

A new jockey, however, could help Overanalyze redeem an underwhelming Kentucky Derby performance in the Triple Crown finale. John Valazquez, who won twice as the horse's jockey in 2012, will take the reigns again.

Velazquez is an esteemed guider, having won 22 percent of his races while earning a 54 percent rate of finishing in the top three.

Don't be surprised to see Overanalyze break closer to the top three this time around.

Will Take Charge

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports
Will Take Charge looked strong prior to the Triple Crown races.

Well, the name says it all. This horse will take charge and win. That's how horse racing works, right?

Maybe not, as Will Take Charge has treaded water so far, finishing 8th in the Derby and 7th in the Preakness. While neither result is inspiring, there is still hope that the horse can rise to the occasion.

Earlier this year, the horse emerged victorious at the Rebel Stakes. The second-place finisher? Oxbow.

Will Take Charge showed he could hang with the big boys in March, even if it has not been evident so far in the first two Triple Crown races. Don't put the house down, but Will Take Charge could be a sneaky pick to finish near the top.

Palace Malice

Another one of Pletcher's five competitors, Palace Malice could break out from the pack at Belmont despite a confusing name that seems like it's trying too hard.

A promising start at the Kentucky Derby was quickly thwarted once Palace Malice lost steam. A 12th-place finish certainly was not what Pletcher and jockey Mike Smith expected. However, here's a second chance for them after a break.

Palace Malice sat out the Preakness, a logical move considering the slow finish at the Derby. Some recharged batteries could fuel the racer to a time much more fitting of his talents.

Steve Haskin of Blood-Horse tweeted some encouraging sentiments from Will Take Charge's practice run.

If he's right, you'll look like the smartest guy in the room for taking the plunge on the unsung candidate.

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