WWE: In Order for There to Be Real Success, Roster Changes Are Needed

David LevinSenior Writer IIJune 1, 2013


The one thing I can say about the NWA/WCW and other wrestling promotions of the past is there was more balance when dealing with faces and heels. 

In the WWE, the balance of power has moved so far toward the heel, it is hard to see where the organization is headed. 

Now that Ryback has jumped toward the dark side and Curtis Axel is now the "next big thing" in this company, the WWE needs to decide what it is going to do with its "face" talent moving forward.

That is also why John Cena cannot drop the WWE title to Ryback at Payback in two weeks. It makes no sense. 

The company has gotten it right in making The Shield so prominent as a heel faction that it dominates the company and takes what it wants, much in the same way D-X did and the NWO dominated WCW.

The trio is as good as any we have ever seen in this business. But, with the arrival of Bray Wyatt and his "family," I can agree with fellow B/R columnist Tom Clark that there is a great move in the right direction, but there is also a creative team that has not seen the reasons for making the playing field level.

For every heel, there needs to be a face or a face faction that can step up and battle the droves equally. Cena is fighting the fight on his own in singles competition. Two of his biggest face "friends," Randy Orton and Sheamus cannot get out of their own way. 

It would appear that Daniel Bryan is taking a turn toward the other side and will feud with his tag team partner, Kane. We could see Big E. Langston jump to the face side, but he is not the "game-changer" this company needs. 

We could only hope someone like Dolph Ziggler dumps his lady, AJ Lee, and his bodyguard and sees the light. I don't see Jack Swagger doing an about-face any time soon. It makes no sense.

I felt like the WWE missed a great opportunity by avoiding the lottery where the company could have redesigned the rosters for SmackDown and Raw. Mark Henry needed a better program. Chris Jericho now has a better program and The Miz is in program purgatory with Wade Barrett.

It will not get better until it changes.

It used to be once a face turned heel, there was a heel who made the switch. The WWE has missed that concept, and because if it, unbalanced rosters form awful matches and feuds that make no sense. Sin Cara, Christian and Alex Riley cannot save this company from the situation it is in.

It may be a matter of going back to the drawing board and really seeing what works.