Manny Pacquaio Vs Ricky Hatton Fight Preview

Bare KnucksAnalyst IMay 1, 2009

As Saturday approaches and the fight of the year looms overhead, there are many things to take note of in this super fight. The pound-for-pound champion Manny Pacquiao and the brawling Brit Ricky Hatton face off in a showdown that will help determine who is the most fearsome fighter at the 140-pound weight class.

Pacquiao fresh off of a dominate performance over Oscar De La Hoya, knows the magnitude of the fight and has predicted this will be his toughest contest to date. Hatton, who is never lacking in confidence, has made it clear that he expects to defeat the favored Pacquiao.

In a time where boxing has little to propel it to the forefront of the sports world, a fight featuring these two great talents will undoubtedly give this sports some deserving publicity.

Each fighter brings a different fighting style to the ring. Hatton relies on good punching power and an aggressive straight forward attack, smothering his opponents into close quarters where he can unleash his assault. Pacquiao relies on his quick hands and side to side movement to set up angles for his attack.

Pacquiao also features great punching power, with 75 percent of his wins coming by the way of knockout. Needless to say, neither fighter is going to be afraid to trade shots.

Now, as we take a look at the hidden factors that could affect the fight, it's hard to find one area of advantage for either fighter. Both fighters are the same age, 30 years old, which is arguably a boxer’s prime fighting year. Both fighters have fought great competition and have no shortage of experience in the ring.

Pacquiao has a slightly greater reach, while Hatton is slightly taller. Both have notorious trainers that will be able to diagnose what the other fighter is going to attempt to do. One contrast is the difference in the weight class that each fighter has primarily fought in.

Hatton, has fought most of his career at the 140-pound weight division, while Pacquiao has fought the majority of his fights at 130 pounds. This could be a concern for Pacquiao, but if he needs reassurances he needs to look no further than his last fight with De La Hoya.

He fought at 147 pounds, which to date is his heaviest weight of his career. It clearly did not affect his performance as he was able to overwhelm and dissect the former great boxing champion.

Hatton, on the other hand, had the two toughest fights of his career at 147 pounds, where he was knocked out by then pound-for-pound champion Floyd Mayweather, and in the other fight he was able to score a close decision victory over Luis Collazo.

I think it's safe to say based on the history of these two fighters that weight will not play a deciding role in the outcome.

This fight is going to be a fast paced and exciting, with no shortage of punches thrown. Hatton will probably try to dictate the pace of the fight with his charging style, trying to stay out of the center of the ring where Pacquiao will have the advantage.

It’s going to be up to Pacquiao to put together efficient counter attacks, and properly defend against Hatton’s bullying nature. The in fight adjustments should also play a great role in whoever is to come out on top, the smarter fighter will put himself in much better condition to win the fight.

With everything taken into consideration I am going to give the nod to Pacquiao. He is a more talented fighter; his quick hands will give him a definite advantage as the fight plays out. In addition, Pacquiao has thrived against fighters who come straight forward; this is exactly what Hatton is going to try to do.

Pacquiao is also a southpaw, which usually proves to be much harder for the orthodox fighter to adjust too. All of these ingredients should prove to be a great recipe of success for the favored Pacquiao.

Because of the nature of these two fighters it’s very likely a knockout will occur. However, that should not take away from the strategic approach that both fighters will bring to the ring, which should make for a very interesting and exciting fight. If you are a fan of boxing make sure to tune in, because you will not be left disappointed.

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