UFC vs. WWE: Jon Jones' Manager Blasts Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman on Twitter

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UFC vs. WWE: Jon Jones' Manager Blasts Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman on Twitter
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Behind most great fighters are great managers, but who are the best in the business today?

That question opened up a recent online spat between two of the biggest names in the professional world of MMA and pro wrestling, as super-agents Malki Kawa and Paul Heyman went after each other online via Twitter this Thursday.

Kawa started things off with a single shot at Heyman, leading the former ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) owner to respond in kind:

From there, both managers went into a multi-hour argument, directly targeting each other over their respective career achievements, along with their stable of clients:

That's a direct referral to former WWE champion CM Punk, one of Heyman's most notable clients (both in storyline and real life), who recently lost his WWE title to The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) at the 2013 Royal Rumble.

By contrast, Kawa's company, First Round Management, represents several MMA champions such as Miesha Tate, Benson Henderson, Carlos Condit, Frank Mir and, most famously, UFC light heavyweight titan Jon Jones.

Arguably, the comparison is apples to oranges.

Not only do Kawa and Heyman work in entirely different industries, but Jones' record-seeking title reign over the UFC light heavyweight division—over 800 days and counting—completely dwarfs CM Punk's 434-day run with the WWE Championship.

(Note: Anderson Silva currently holds the record for longest UFC title reign at over 2,400 days.)

That didn't stop Kawa and Heyman from continuing to dig at each other, with Kawa even claiming he and Jones could beat Heyman and Lesnar in a WWE match:

But things suddenly took a turn for the nasty when the topic of sponsorship money came into play, with Heyman suggesting that Lesnar currently makes more money as a WWE star than Jon Jones does as a UFC champion:

Notably, Lesnar's massive crossover appeal with WWE and MMA fans made him one of the best pay-per-view draws in UFC history, drawing over an estimated one million buys on three separate occasions as a UFC headliner (via MMA Payout).

But the question remains whether or not Lesnar makes more money in pro wrestling than he did with the UFC, although Heyman suggests there's no comparison.

Regardless of social media posturing, the simple fact remains that Lesnar still ranks amongst the highest-paid pay-per-view headliners in either MMA or pro wrestling.

And although Jon Jones is expected to eventually move into the heavyweight division before the end of his career, don't hold your breath expecting him to jump into a ring against Brock Lesnar (even if the PPV rate would be amazing).

Not only would the UFC never take the risk of Jones getting injured during a pro wrestling event, but the company also doesn't co-promote with anyone—especially not a substantial corporate rival like World Wrestling Entertainment.

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McKinley Noble is an MMA conspiracy theorist. His work has appeared in NVisionPC World, Macworld, GamePro, 1UP, MMA Mania and The L.A. Times.

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