WWE Main Event Meltdown: In-Depth Recap and Review for May 29

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 30, 2013


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Main Event Meltdown.

Every week here on Bleacher Report, I will take an in-depth look at Main Event, recapping all the action and offering analysis on everything from the matches to commentary and anything else that takes place on the show

This week's show saw the introduction of a new trio at the commentary table. The Miz and Josh Mathews were joined this week by none other than Ricardo Rodriguez.

The show featured three matches this week: Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel and Tons of Funk with R-Truth vs. 3MB.

Let's get right into the action with the first match of the night.


Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus

The show opened with the introduction of the new announce team. There is really no word on if this is a permanent change or if Rodriguez was just being tested in this role.

Whatever the case may be, he still needs to be with Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio is popular, but Ricardo definitely helps make him more likable.

This was a long TV match at 25 minutes, including the commercial breaks, and it might end up being the best match of the week.

This was also a very stiff match, with both guys looking like they had been through a war by the time it was over.

The action was back and forth the entire time, with each man coming close to winning several times throughout the match.

By the time we had returned from the second commercial break, both men looked like they had been doused with water from all the sweat.

Every signature move was used, some more than once, and both guys pulled moves out of their bag of tricks we do not see them use very often.

The crowd began to chant a well-deserved "This is awesome" at one point to show their appreciation for the performance both men were putting on.

By the time Sheamus had Barrett draped over the top rope for his trademark series of shots to the chest, you could tell Sheamus was starting to wear down.

The strikes came at a much slower rate than we are used to seeing, which shows just how hard these two were fighting during this match. Sheamus and Barrett both have great endurance, so for them to look that worn out meant they left everything in the ring.

The ending to the match was one of the highlights. The way Barrett threw Sheamus' shoulder into the ring post twice only to have Sheamus turn around and hit him with one of the harder Brogue Kicks I have ever seen was a great way to finish.

In truth, the kick probably looked really brutal because both guys were so worn out that they just collided into each other. That doesn't mean it didn't still look cool.

This was a match that, had it been on pay-per-view, would have been worth paying for. If every PPV match was as good as this encounter was, then WWE would have much higher PPV buys.

In fact, Main Event has been producing some really great matches lately. It seems like every week for the past month or so has seen the match of the week take place on Main Event.

Some people might complain about Sheamus beating the IC champion clean, but you have to remember that wins and losses do not really matter. Barrett looked awesome in this match, and losing to a former WWE champion in an incredible match is nothing to be ashamed of.

Sheamus might be bland on the mic, and he might be too hokey sometimes, but there is no denying that this Irishman can put on one hell of a show if he wants to.

Some notes from the match.

  • Barrett was wearing his ring jacket instead of his shirt, which was a nice change.
  • Barrett trying, and failing, to hip toss Sheamus looked really funny for some reason.
  • I could eventually see Rodriguez taking over for either Marcelo Rodriguez or Carlos Cabrera if he wanted to do Spanish announcing.
  • The DDT Barrett took looked like he might have actually spiked his head on the mat pretty hard.
  • The two mule kicks from Barrett to Sheamus looked really brutal, especially the one to the face.
  • Ricardo would yell in Spanish every time he would get excited about something.


The Wyatt Family promo

After some recap videos from Raw and Extreme Rules, WWE played the promo that aired Monday for Bray Wyatt and his "Family."

This video package is incredibly effective. It really gives you a sense of who these guys will be when they finally show up.

The production value was great in this video package. There were subtle and not-so-subtle references to characters from literature and film, but the most obvious parallel people will draw will be to Max Cady from Cape Fear.

Everything about this promo worked the way it was supposed to, and there is no telling just where it will lead.

The WWE production staff deserves the credit here, because it was the editing of the video and music together that really made this come together.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel

The match began with Cesaro hitting Gabriel with a European uppercut so hard that he did a backwards somersault and landed standing up again.

Gabriel was able to get in some nice moves, including a springboard reverse DDT.

When it came time to end the match, Cesaro locked Gabriel in a headlock that just about made Gabriel pass out before he hit The Neutralizer to win the match.

After the match, Cesaro proceeded to pick up Gabriel's head and slap him across the face really hard while he was still out, just to pour salt in the wound.

Even though they only had a few minutes, Cesaro and Gabriel both made the best of their time. They seemed to have decent chemistry in the ring, and a feud between them could help Gabriel significantly.

Some notes from the match.

  • Did Cesaro lose his luggage? Why is he wearing just plain blue trunks and black boots? He doesn't even have the things he wears on his thighs. He didn't have his beret, jacket or sunglasses either.
  • When Miz describes how Cesaro works out, he makes it sound like Cesaro is using equipment from the '40s.
  • Cesaro used a headlock more effectively than any wrestler has in over 30 years. He almost won with it.
  • Miz talking about Alex Riley at WrestleMania 27 during this match was kind of surprising given how far Riley has fallen down the ladder since then, but it was nice to hear Miz give him some credit.


3MB vs. Tons of Funk and R-Truth

It's finally happened, everyone. Three rejects from American Idol will face off against three rejects from So You Think You Can Dance in a WWE ring.

This was the match that capped off the show, and it was another quick match with no real feud involved.

Everyone was legal exactly once, and the end came when Clay and Tensai crushed Mahal between them before Truth laid him out for the pin and the win.

Why WWE goes in reverse order and has the so-called Main Event match take place at the beginning of the show instead of the end is still beyond me, because the show would have had a much better ending had it been capped off by the awesome match between Sheamus and Wade Barrett.

Some notes from the match.

  • It is really upsetting how WWE was able to make R-Truth into their best heel and then ruin him just as fast.
  • Tensai looked a little drunk, or he forgot how the dance routine was supposed to look.
  • There was a little 3MB chant happening at the start of the match, but it was very small.
  • Does Josh Mathews think anyone believes him when he says Jinder Mahal is the class clown of 3MB?


Final Thoughts

This was a pretty solid episode of Main Event. Nothing was really accomplished with regard to advancing storylines, but there was some entertaining action, and in the end, that is all you can really hope for from an hour-long show.

Sheamus and Barrett stole the show, and I would not be surprised if Main Event ended up producing the match of the week once again.

Maybe there is something about the name "Main Event" that is making Superstars try harder lately. Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't stop.

What did you think of this week's Main Event?


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