Is There Such Things as Intangibles..

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Is There Such Things as Intangibles..

There are many people who are saying the Mets are missing something, but it's not a specific pitcher or position player. Those fans who feel something is missing have many different names for "it"; swagger, grit, determination, feistiness, will, competitiveness, heart, guts, clutch, and chemistry are just a few of the terms used for that special "it" that's missing....

Others say, hogwash; baseball is a skill sport and when a team is struggling it's either a matter of the talent level or execution. These fans believe that bad teams are bad because they are inferior to the teams they are playing or their players simply aren't preforming up to their capabilities.
Growing up my favorite player was Pete Rose, Mr. Charlie Hustle himself, so I think you can probably guess where I stand.
I'll say this about the last two games, when the Mets fell behind in the first game by four and the second by two, to me, they appeared to be a defeated team and had no chance of coming back. Now, maybe that was me over reading their body language and projecting my own negative concerns onto them, or maybe the biggest component this team is missing are those intangibles. Jerry Manuel seemed to be in agreement that this team gives up and doesn't comeback when they fall behind.
The Mets head to Philly for a weekend series, by the end of the weekend the Phillies have the potential to be in first place. The Phillies can be in first place, despite their rotation having the worst ERA in the league by having the most comeback wins, so far this season ( 9 of their 11 wins are comebacks). So if it's the intangibles that are missing for the Mets then it would be those same intangibles that are helping the Phils overcome their pitching woes....
The New York Times has an article on the Phillies, for a Mets fan, it's a hard read but it's also a must read, especially for those who don't believe in the intangibles. For me, it's hard to stomach that all the things I would love to characterize my team as, are attached to my hated rival and all the characteristic I loath in professional athletes are being attached to my team. I can live with a team that runs through walls and loses, I can't live with a team that quits......
Shane Victorino described the optimistic feeling in the Phillies' dugout as “a sense.” The players do not share any specific words or special handshakes if the Phillies are trailing. But Victorino said they do share the belief that the beginning of a comeback is one pitch away. source NY Times

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