Update on Mark Henry's Issues with WWE Creative

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 30, 2013

Mark Henry at Extreme Rules (from WWE.com)
Mark Henry at Extreme Rules (from WWE.com)

It looks like Mark Henry and WWE Creative are having some major issues.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that the former World Heavyweight champion had garnered great heat with company over his decision to take time off to nurse an injury, messing massively with the booking team's plans for him.

It's been mentioned he was originally planned to tangle with Big E. Langston in the upcoming months. This would, presumably, have led to the much-talked about Henry face turn (many fans are more than eager to cheer the star, who is one of the best characters in wrestling today).

In this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer emphasized this, noting that there is "huge heat on Henry right now from the creative side."

He went on to say:

The feeling was they had done all this to get him hot and then he left. According to those in the company, the heat was he was taking a significant bit of time off without undergoing surgery, although at press time, the official company word is that it has not been determined yet whether Henry will be needing surgery. That was the reason for JBL’s “took his ball and went home” references on Raw.

Regardless on who's right or wrong in this matter—although it does seem unfair to criticize Henry for something that may very be out of his hands—this latest development serves to cast further doubt on the star's long-term future in WWE.

After all, he's getting older (he turns 42 in June) and has been plagued with injuries in recent years. Additionally, he has spoken out in the past about potentially retiring early and pursuing acting gigs in Hollywood. He certainly doesn't seem to be one of those guys who sticks around too long.

Sure, as a tough-talking, butt-kicking heel, he's been one of the highlights of television, but, for all the reasons mentioned, his wrestling career appears to be winding down. It's unfortunate that Henry's talents didn't peak in WWE until way later on (where was this Mark Henry in the '90s?).

Ideally though, Henry and the company will work out the current problems and the star will return at some point soon (or whenever he's healed up). One last great run for him doesn't seem like too much to ask.