Mike "Don't Call Me Jannetty" Mizanin: The Future Of WWE Monday Nights

Aaron WeissContributor IApril 30, 2009

You don't think Mike Mizanin heard the predictions of every wrestling fan, myself included, from here to Tallahassee? "Miz is ok I guess, but Morrison is the HBK of the two. Miz, he's the Jannetty."

It happens to the best of tag teams. In truth, it happens to almost every tag team. One member flies to superstardom, while the other fades away, a mention in the former's Wikipedia article.

Perhaps "The Miz" is the exception.

I was prepared for the standard heel promo when I first saw "The Miz" walk through the curtains this past Monday night. After all, he hadn't done much different in his past promos as a solo act.

But then he started doing something different. Something bold. Something I can get behind.

He spoke the truth, and oh, how I swooned. "I am tired of seeing the same superstars in the main event all the time." Did he just say that? Is he allowed to say that?

But to top off this awesome sundae with a cherry of badass-ery, the man who no-showed Miz's challenge earlier, John Cena, actually showed up later in the show, meaning John Cena fears Miz! Miz was right!

I don't know if he'll be a future hall of famer. I don't know if he'll become a world champion. But, promos like that are the stuff of legend, and I guarantee you, The Miz will be in your future. Be jealous!