And The Oscar Goes To...Shaq???

Brian ElbergCorrespondent IApril 5, 2008

What if Shaq had been a good actor? He would have received Oscars for roles in Kazaam and Blue Chips and gone on to a career as a famous actor, never playing basketball again. The Lakers would have never won a championship and the sports world would be a totally different place.

In years to come we may look back on the call, originally butchered call by second base umpire Brian Gorman in today’s game. On a ball roped out to center by Jose Reyes Gorman claimed the ball was caught when in actuality in dropped in for what would have been a base hit. Later this call was reversed and the Mets ended up scoring two in the inning.

However, if this call corrected originally the Mets score two on this play and possibly open up a lead and go on to win the game. However, this was not to be and the Braves were able to retain a 4-3 lead coming out of the fifth inning. Only to set up for Jorge Sosa to play the roll of Armando Benitez later in the 7th inning giving up a grand slam to Kelly Johnson and give the Mets no chance of winning the game. I’m not trying to blame this one on the umps, Hudson tossed a gem and the Braves bats were alive but, that’s why they play 162.

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