New York Mets: Not What Johan Santana Had in Mind

Brian ElbergCorrespondent IApril 6, 2008

Lets go through the lineup, shall we?

Jose Reyes—All Star

Louis Castillo—Former All Star

David Wright—All Star

Carlos Beltran—All Star

Carlos Delgado—Former All Star

Ryan Church

Angel Pagan

Brian Schneider


The last three are not expected to hit, or be big run producers, and Delgado had a good day, but it will be difficult to win if the the first four hitters in teh order go a combined 0 for 13. Not to mention, I can't remember the last time Louis Castillo got up to the plate and didn't:

A—Hit a one bouncer to the second or first baseman



Reyes, Castillo, Wright, and BEltran should all apologize to Johan Santana. You can't pitch much better than he did today and get a loss (Seven innings pitched, one run earned, ERA of 1.4). Also, it seems unfair to give him a loss when he had one earned run and the Mets scored one run.

The loss SHOULD go to Aaron Heilman, who gave up two runs on a two-run shot by Teixeira in the eighth. Well, tomorrow the Mets' second ace, Oliver Perez, goes and maybe the Mets' one through four hitters can maybe, just maybe, scratch across one measly hit and lead the Mets to their third victory.