French Golfer Juggles, Spins and Amazes in Golfing Trick Video

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 29, 2013

I have no way of fact checking this, but I will go ahead and proclaim Romain Bechu as the best golf-ball juggler in the sport. 

BroBible spotted the video posted below that features the French golfer doing pretty much anything he damn well pleases with a golf ball. 

Here is the video with some NSFW (not suitable for work) language in the background music

As BroBible notes, Bechu is ranked 1,550th in the world as far as normal ho-hum golf is concerned, but he is No. 1 as far as doing twirly-whirlys with the ball glued to his golf club. 

Not only does Bechu captivate us with a few minutes of mesmerizing tricks that are somehow hypnotic, but he gives us some names of the various tricks, so we can tell our buddies which ones we are failing at the next time we hit the local municipal. 

I think I will go ahead and give the "Drop Ball" and the "Sticky Bridge" a try the next time the group ahead of me is taking their sweet time moving on down the course. I fully expect to then have a tragic tale of how I knocked out a golf buddy with an errant ball. 

As many of you know, we run across a great deal of trick-shot videos. At some point they all get repetitious and rarely do they break new ground. 

I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of Bechu's video, even his ability to spin a ball on his club. I can barely get my shot to go straight or drop a simple five-foot putt with any consistency. 

Join me in bowing before Bechu, who is far better with a golf ball than his rather meager world ranking would have you believe. 


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