Debate: Should Braves Re-Examine How They Develop Pitchers?

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Debate: Should Braves Re-Examine How They Develop Pitchers?
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Atlanta's pitching staff has struggled with injuries with seven pitchers at the major league level requiring Tommy John Surgery in the last five years. Should the Braves re-examine how they develop pitchers?


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No this is ridiculous, it's just bad luck. You can't play to avoid injuries. Whoever started this debate lacks intelligence.
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If it were strains and more string s of minor injuries then yes. But tommy john injury is basically a freak injury. Its like an ACL injury
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Why would an organization that has been a quality pitching factory for 20+ years need to change how they develop pitchers? They keep the great ones th...
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Injuries are part of the game, developing pitchers to avoid injuries makes absolutely no sense. And honestly, I don't want to change anything about th...
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Not really they just need a good conditioning coach. The braves have a great scouting department and a bunch of good pitching prospects. They really j...
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