Pacers' Owner's Daughter Collapses After Lance Stephenson Sinks 3-Point Shot

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistMay 29, 2013

Lance Stephenson three-pointers will bring you to your knees.

With just two seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, George Hill threw an inbounds pass across the court to an open Stephenson in the far-right corner.

Dwyane Wade's valiant effort to contest the shot wasn't enough, as Stephenson drained the trey while falling to the floor. He wasn't the only one that hit the hardwood either.

Indiana Pacers fans went nuts after the shot, some clearly more than others. 

A blonde lady sitting courtside made her way onto the floor, clasping her hands on her head before collapsing to her knees in what we can only assume was jubilant disbelief.

The woman was later identified as Pacers owner Herb Simon's daughter, Sarah (h/t Beyond The Buzzer).

The lady that collapsed after Lance Stephenson's 3 was Pacer owner Herb Simon's daughter Sarah.

— Royce Young (@dailythunder) May 29, 2013

As it turns out, voluntary swooning isn't exactly out of the ordinary for Sarah. She seems to have done stuff like this before. 

I asked the usher what happened. "That's just Sarah," she said.

— Royce Young (@dailythunder) May 29, 2013

If that's just Sarah being Sarah, we're left wondering what else she's actually done.

Has she gone comatose at the sight of a game winner? Fainted when Roy Hibbert grabs an offensive rebound? Or is it just Stephenson that she flamboyantly genuflects for?

Our inquiries have yet to yield any answers, but if this is truly typical behavior by the now infamous Sarah, there's a strong chance we'll get to see more of her peculiarly devout celebrations before the series is over.

Here's to hoping Stephenson can continue to sink awe-inspiring threes.