WWE's Wheelman: Chavo Guerrero Needs to Receive the Push, Not Give One

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WWE's Wheelman: Chavo Guerrero Needs to Receive the Push, Not Give One

Who is that Mexican man always pushing WWE Raw general manager Vickie Guerrero around? Just some guy looking for employment after losing a job? Maybe an illegal immigrant who has come to spread swine flu?

No ladies and gentlemen, that is the eight-time WWE and WCW Cruiserweight champion, one-time ECW Champion, and former Tag Team champion, Chavo Guerrero.

Guerrero was once a man in his prime having great feuds with the likes of Rey Mysterio, Haas and Benjamin, the late Eddie Guerrero, along with great matches with guys like Matt Hardy and MVP.

Today, he should just be introduced as the "Wheelman" because he just brings Vickie in and out of the ring in the wheelchair. Other than that, he'll probably job to Hornswoggle on Raw next week.

What happened to the nephew of Eddie Guerrero? Did WWE forget his last name was Guerrero or that he had any talent in the ring? The last time I saw Chavo in a fantastic feud was his one with Mysterio back in 2006-07.

Since then, he has had some mediocre storylines with the "Great One" Bam Neely, La Familia, Kane, and Matt Hardy. Did I forget to mention his 0:23 second match with Kane at WrestleMania 24?

Chavo just has so much talent that is put to waste. I could make similar arguments about Funaki, Jimmy Wang Yang, and Brian Kendrick, yet something is different about Chavo.

Chavo just gets a much bigger reaction from the fans whenever he came out in the middle of his "off and on" pushes. He was beloved by the fans until Great American Bash 2006, when he tried to follow in Eddie Guerrero's footsteps by starting a very personal feud with Mysterio, the most beloved man on Smackdown.

I remember two great I Quit matches, the evolution of Vickie being one of the most hated people in WWE, and Chris Benoit feuding with Chavo and Vickie.

Also, he was a legit United States and Cruiserweight Championship contender, until it all came to an end at No Way Out, when Hornswoggle became the new Cruiserweight champion.

Shortly after that, Chavo was really gone from title contention after his dear aunt Vickie retired the most exciting belt in the WWE and then replaced it with the oh-so-important Diva's Championship—because we all need that (sarcasm).

So at that time, Chavo was becoming more of a jobber, Mysterio was doing his own thing on Smackdown and soon to be Raw, and now Aunt Vickie was starting a relationship with Edge.

Then Chavo was kind of thrown into that feud as the "Hitman" of the group (No relation to Bret Hart.) Chavo kept on taking chairshots and losses, while Edge and Vicke deserted him. Then came ECW.

ECW was really a shining chance for Chavo to succeed and he did indeed win the ECW Championship. His popularity did take a serious decrease over the years, but he had some good feuds with CM Punk and Matt Hardy. Though his title reign on ECW was mediocre, he a least was holding a belt.

But after his loss at WM24, a man named Bam Neely was hired as someone who was apparently supposed to be Big Bossman.

This relationship was fresh at first and it was a nice little addition to La Familia as Chavo still was on Smackdown to be Edge and Vickie's hitman, but very shortly thereafter, Bam was the worst thing to ECW since Braden Walker.

Then they showed personality in Bam after Chavo started pushing him around and the feud ended, but then Bam was gone and Chavo became "Wheelman" on Smackdown for La Familia.

After the end of La Familia, Chavo was now your momma's boy, suck-up jobber. He had a short chance for a push in late 2008 and early 2009, where he had been feuding with MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and R-Truth, until it was shortly dropped.

Chavo continued to job to Great Khali, Undertaker, Big Show, and every other superstar who needed build up for another feud.

So Chavo is now your new resident jobber on Raw, except Batista will beat him 20 times in two seconds.

As for his future, just unfortunately expect more of the same until he is separated from Vickie, Big Show, and Edge. If he does that—and there is really no chance now that he is on Raw—he would need a serious push, maybe back on ECW, and need to make over his character as more of an actual Guerrero.

But for now, please welcome "Wheelman" into your homes every Monday night.

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