WWE: How a Troubled Costa Rican Can Save Sin Cara

Asif LalaniContributor IIMay 29, 2013

Is it safe to call Sin Cara a bust or is it too early? It’s gotten so bad for the human arm-drag machine with his own Mexican comic book that he can’t even wrestle in a Intercontinental Title match that he “earned” the week before, There wasn’t even an acknowledgement or a reason the match didn’t happen.

It’s not all his fault, Sure he can’t communicate with the audience (and no, flapping your hands up and down so you can bounce off something and do an arm drag is not communication), can’t stay healthy, and cannot seem to get through a match without at least one botched move.

However, as I mentioned, it’s not all his fault. Maybe the botched moves and injuries wouldn’t happen if Sin Cara had more people he can work with. Aside from the other Mexican wrestlers the company already has that are familiar with Sin Cara’s style, with the youth movement in full swing in the WWE, it’s not like it was in the past where wrestlers traveled the world and honing their craft and getting experience with various styles of wrestling.

These guys now get plucked from a gym or football field, and sent down to train in Florida and on to the big stage. You have people like Jericho, and Punk who are seasoned enough to work with Sin Cara. Maybe Ziggler just based off raw ability and talent, but even then does the WWE want to waste their premier guys on a program with Sin Cara?

It also doesn’t help to have a trampoline in his entrance, or a cheesy blue mood lighting that is fit more for a sci-fi porno flick rather than a pro wrestling match.

Whatever you want to blame it on, Sin Cara’s run so far has been about as magical and mythical as a 7-Eleven hot dog, but not nearly as satisfying. Until Sin Cara can fix his in ring problems he needs something to stay relevant.

How about a beautiful Costa Rican diva with some personal problems that needs a fresh start of her own? Enter Rosa Mendes.

Easily one of the top five hottest divas in the company, she has been buried under the suffocating pillow that is the tag team division with a tag team that Vince clearly does not care about.

She can speak both English and Spanish, she is vocal and lively around the ring, she can cut promos for Sin Cara, she adds new storyline elements to Sin Cara, there would be a built-in rivalry (Del Rio?), and the WWE can use the pairing as either heels or faces.

It’s an option that makes sense, and it gives two people who desperately need a boost of confidence a fresh start and a chance to shine. Sin Cara came into the WWE with some of the biggest hype I have ever seen, and it would seem to me that HHH and the rest of the WWE that saw something in Sin Cara would want to try anything and everything to get a return on their investment.

Maybe if things do work out, we can finally get the only match that people seem to be clamoring to see involving Sin Cara which would be against the only other “sports entertainer” that spends less time in the ring than the Rock: Rey Mysterio.

Vince can get his precious “most people wearing a mask in one place” record and the WWE Did You Know facts editors can add a new obscure, semi-relevant fact to throw in our faces when coming back from commercial break.