What's Wrong With a Ride in the Country?

Kool BellContributor IApril 30, 2009

Ah, the open road. Nothing compares to traveling with your friends on a trip that each of you enjoys.

This week, some of the Auburn coaching staff set out on a cruise to Alabama High Schools to visit with the coaches, teachers, and faculty. Each of these stops was to accomplish many goals this AU staff has—not limited to the year round war known as recruiting.

They are calling it "Tiger Prowl."

The media and sports blogs have been ablaze with all sorts of reactions—and over-reactions to say the least. Many have missed the point, sadly, talking more about the mode of transportation.

Yes, at first, a stretch limo seems to be a little gaudy.

Most responses from the young adults at these schools has been positive. Ranging from "pretty cool"  to "down with it." As much of a recruiting tool this could turn out to be, the biggest positive may be not so obvious.

The single biggest problem last year with Auburn's coaching staff had nothing at all to do with lack of experience, coaching ability, or even talent of the team itself. It had to do with "family." A new member of the family was brought into the Plains and "the fit was wrong."

This new staff has a whole different attitude, and is finding creative ways to develop chemistry and that feeling with themselves. Not just the players, but also the support staff, and the Auburn Nation can and should be very proud of these guys.