Report: Mark Henry's Latest Injury Thwarts Huge Summer Feud

Gone Baby GoneContributerMay 28, 2013


Well, it appears that "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry may not be that strong after all.

The oft-injured Superstar has once again found himself sitting on the sidelines. Unfortunately, his latest injury couldn't have come at a worse time, as the aging star was slated to begin the summer program with one of the WWE's new up-and-comers.

According to (via

WWE is going ahead with the Big E Langston babyface turn, in part because Mark Henry is out with a hurt shoulder. According to F4WOnline, there is some kind of heat on Henry for being out hurt. Apparently WWE officials had something big planned for Henry and aren't happy that he's taking time off when surgery isn't needed. Before Extreme Rules, Langston vs. Henry was being planned for this summer.

Personally, I don't get why the company puts so much stock in Henry. Yes, he has had a solid career, and at 41 he should be putting younger stars like Langston over. However, if history has taught us anything, Henry is not the guy to be putting anyone over.

Don't get me wrong: I realize he has done his share of "jobs” for the company. Keep in mind that ever since his "Hall of Pain" gimmick started, he has been virtually indestructible when he is healthy. So, I wonder if he would have been the guy to pass the torch to Langston and let him walk away from the feud with his character unscathed.

That being said, both the WWE and Henry need to figure out how to utilize the “monster heel” from here on out—especially if his injuries continue to mount.

Personally, I don't see why they couldn't make him a part-timer and bring him back just for the major pay-per-views to put guys over. Ultimately, Henry wouldn't always have to lose to get his opponent over. He could just put on a show and take a cheap win, which would make his adversary look good without scoring a victory over Henry.

In the end, if Henry is in deep with the folks backstage, this very well could be the last big run we see from him for a while. Let's not forget that it was only a few years ago that he was teaming with MVP and barely being featured on TV. In other words, if he angers the right person, he could very well find his way back to mid-card hell.