Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers Look to Out-Flop Each Other in Game 4

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Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers Look to Out-Flop Each Other in Game 4
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Flopping has been a topic of interest so far in the Eastern Conference Finals, with a perfect display of overacting happening in Game 4 between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat.

Dwyane Wade's "flop that technically wasn't a flop because it didn't get called" in Game 3 was perhaps the most egregious incident of the series.

However, both teams seemed to take Game 4 as a personal flopping challenge early on.

Pacers fans serenaded LeBron James with a chorus of "He's a flop-per!" while James was shooting free throws early on in the game, but the tables quickly turned when Lance Stephenson took control of the flopping duties in Game 4.

Twice in the first half, Stephenson tried to sell contact following a play, and both times fell on deaf ears as far as the referees are concerned.

Interestingly enough, the Pacers' fans didn't seem to be nearly as upset about a player flopping in Game 4 as they were in Game 3.

Stephenson's worst flop attempt came late in the second quarter after a drive to the rim.

He strutted back down the court and gave Ray Allen a little slap in the chest on the way, leading to Allen to turn around with his elbow a bit extended.

Watch the replay again and you'll see that any contact made by Allen was minimal, so it's obvious that he is Magneto and Stephenson is Wolverine.

Best of all is Rodney Mott's reaction. He simply raises his arm a bit and rolls his eyes at Stephenson, who looks as if he just got stabbed in the leg.

Of course, I'm not sure you can blame Stephenson for trying after earning a call on a similar play just a few minutes earlier.

With LeBron going to retrieve his armband, Stephenson stood near it, and when LeBron got to the point where Stephenson was in his way, LeBron gave him a bit of a forearm, so the refs gave him a bit of a technical foul.

The rest of the first half was populated with milder flop attempts.

Shane Battier tossed himself to the ground after setting a screen, Chris Andersen exaggerated contact a bit when Paul George tried to get around a screen he set, and Wade had his fair share of flailing and wincing.

Hopefully we just get the two teams going all-out, doing everything possible to make this the most ridiculously floppingest game the NBA has ever witnessed.

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