Side of Bacon, Anyone? Michigan Football Offensive Line Adopts Pet Pig

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMay 28, 2013

Photo Credit: Taylor Lewan Instagram
Photo Credit: Taylor Lewan Instagram

The Michigan offensive line has decided to adopt a new mascot for the 2013 season.

This isn't your typical mascot either, as there isn't anyone dressed up in a funky suit or donning face paint. No, the big boys up front decided to adopt a pig.

Oh, it gets better.

He goes by the name of Dr. Hamlet III and is the newest member of 1441 State St., as lineman Erik Gunderson described on his Twitter account when the unit brought him back to Ann Arbor.

The redshirt senior then snapped a picture of the newest member of the Michigan family chowing down.

It looks like the big boy is in good hands and living comfortably with his new fraternity.

However, it wouldn't be right if left tackle Taylor Lewan wasn't in on the action as well, considering he is the jokester of the team. Always looking to have a good time and lighten things up, you have to believe he was the driving force behind this brilliant idea.

Lewan introduced Dr. Hamlet to his nearly 9,000 Twitter followers:

You can only imagine how big this pig will get the longer he hangs out with these guys.

But considering Hamlet is a III, it raises suspicion as to what happened to the other two pigs. Could there be something we don't know about? Are offensive linemen now forced to grow their own food in hopes of putting on those few extra pounds before the season?

Whatever the guys up front hope to get out of this, you have to hope they let Dr. Hamlet live out his days in peace.