Ron Artest? At It Again? [HUMOR]

Akash ACorrespondent IApril 30, 2009

From NewEnglandSportsOnline

Ron Artest is now being charged for Assault and Battery against his teammate, Yao Ming. Yao talked to the media through tears yesterday, saying, "Artest, he took me by.. by.. surprise, he jumped on my back and.. and bit through my practice uniform."

The team was going through layup  drills, when Yao blocked a Ron Artest shot. Artest was visibly frustrated and embarassed, and within five seconds of the block, Artest was on Yao's back. Artest offered little apology, however, he made a defensive statement, saying that, "I'm not gonna let Yao take control of me like that. The way he blocked me, and rubbed it in my face!" He went on to say that Yao had, "Recently been throwing popcorn," in his direction during the team movie night, and said that, "I don't like to be disrespected."

Ming was very understanding of the situation, showing his maturity level was similar to his height. Before leaving from the locker room, we caught him with a bandaged right shoulder. He said, "Artest and I, we very good friends. I think so, I just annoyed him maybe?" Yao clearly is confusd about Artest's reaction, however is ready to make amends, "If you're listening Ron, I'm sorry for what disrespect I have caused you."

Seconds after saying those words, words were heard from deep inside the showers, "Hey! [Expletive] you! Shut up!" Clearly, Artest has not changed his fighting ways.