Report: Raw Vignette Reveals Impending Debut of NXT Faction

Gone Baby GoneContributerMay 28, 2013


Well, the wait is finally over, as it seems that WWE is ready for the world to see one of its most promising NXT factions on the main roster.

Prior to Randy Orton and Sheamus' tag team match against Team Rhodes Scholars, WWE showed an interesting yet disturbing video of three men teasing that they "are coming."

Those three men were none other than The Wyatt Family, consisting of Bray Wyatt a.k.a. Husky Harris, and the current NXT tag team champs, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

In case you are unaware, this trio has been doing a solid job of selling their gimmick both in and out of the ring. The faction, led by Wyatt, is essentially a play on a preacher/cult leader whose disciples, Harper and Rowan, follow his every word.

Fortunately, this gimmick appears to have paid off for all men involved and should add some spice to WWE's current roster. Overall, the gimmick has gone over very well within NXT and, if handled properly, should give Wyatt and crew some instant notoriety on the main roster.

Personally, I have been waiting for this call-up and am hopeful that it will play well in front of WWE's fickle Universe. Please note I am a proud member of this club and am also guilty of picking the company's choices apart.

That being said, I can't imagine that the company will mess with this gimmick too much, especially considering how well it's been doing for the better part of a year now.