Twitter Reaction to Bray Wyatt Promo on Monday's WWE Raw

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 28, 2013

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NXT prospect Bray Wyatt creeped out a far bigger audience when he delivered one of his unsettling promos on Monday's WWE Raw and fans took to Twitter to roar their approval.

Fans of his work on NXT already know how captivating and mesmerizing Wyatt can be with a microphone in hand. His character is that of a rambling cult leader who heads a group called the Wyatt Family, a trio just as unnerving as the folks from Deliverance.

A smiling Wyatt rocked in a rocking chair and talked about fear, secrets and lambs. His followers, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, were also featured in the vignette.

The promo is clearly a sign that WWE plans to make the long-anticipated move of making Wyatt a main-roster star. If the company has any doubts about how its fanbase will react to Wyatt and his family being a part of WWE, it need only dig through the number of ecstatic tweets on the subject.

Fan @nerdhapley remarked on the disturbing nature of Wyatt's character:

Fans and writers alike had to resort to using exclamation points to express how pumped they were about Wyatt's imminent arrival. Count how many of them used in this tweet:

Again and again, Wyatt's promo was described as one of the best parts of the episode. When you can compete with Paul Heyman appearing on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel, an incredible tag-team title match and further Curtis Axel pushing, you know you've made an impact.

Fan Andy Williams tweeted the following thought about Wyatt's work:

Twitter was awash with excitement over Wyatt's appearance on Monday’s WWE Raw. Who knows how WWE will be able to fit him and his family into the mix with as many heels as there are on the roster, but that won't stop fans from getting giddy.

The fact that Wyatt trended worldwide just on the power of his vignette is a testament to his star power, potential and the intrigue he can create.

@Deebow's tweet is proof that some fans have been paying attention to what he's been preaching in NXT and that they already have the Wyatt diction and catchphrases down:

No one says it better than the man himself, though. Wyatt announced his arrival via tweet:

WWE Raw is going to be exciting in the coming weeks. Wyatt will likely be seen in more of these haunting video packages and will eventually lead his family to the bright lights of the main roster. It appears that many fans are thrilled about that prospect. Wyatt is likely to convince the rest of them of his brilliance thanks to his sinister charm.