WWE News: CM Punk's Return Date Officially Announced

Gone Baby GoneContributerMay 27, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Big news for CM Punk fans, as it appears that "The Best in the World" is gearing up for his return sooner than initially thought.

On Monday night's Raw, Chris Jericho hosted one Paul Heyman on his talk show, The Highlight Reel. The interview got a bit heated when Jericho demanded to know the whereabouts of former WWE champ CM Punk.

Throughout the interview, Heyman continued to beat around the bush and cover for his longtime friend, which only fueled Jericho to challenge Punk at June's pay-per-view offering, Payback.

Granted, it took some convincing, but Heyman eventually accepted the challenge on behalf of Punk.

Sadly, this coerced match agreement could also mean the end of the Heyman-Punk era as we know it. Simply put, the WWE could easily break this pair up and turn Punk face after the match—especially if he loses. Personally, I hope that will not be the case, as both men play off of each other very well and have made for some entertaining TV.

Ultimately, this is great news for Punk's hometown fans, as they will get to witness their fellow Chicagoan return from a short-term hiatus. Overall, I can only expect to see both men put on a clinic similar to their WrestleMania 28 bout.

That being said, we will have to wait and see what's in store for this match in the coming weeks, as I can only imagine Punk will need to resurface in some shape or form prior to the event.