Why Gareth Bale Should Not Leave Tottenham This Summer

Alana NassiahCorrespondent IMay 27, 2013

Gareth Bale looks set to leave Tottenham, but he should give the team one more season.
Gareth Bale looks set to leave Tottenham, but he should give the team one more season.Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Many believe Gareth Bale will leave Tottenham this summer, but it won't happen. There are many reasons why Bale will still be a member of Spurs once the transfer window closes at the end of August. 

The team most interested in acquiring Bale this summer is Real Madrid. Los Blancos are prepared to offer Tottenham £60 million for the player this summer, according to Jason Burt of The Telegraph.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has repeatedly said he will deny all offers made for the star so it can be assumed he will reject Madrid. 

But Bale shouldn't want to go to Madrid anyway. 

Many football fans and analysts believe that Bale will become an even bigger superstar if he leaves for Spain, but this will not happen. 

Real Madrid does not need a player like Gareth Bale. They already have the best player at his position in Cristiano Ronaldo.

If Bale goes to Madrid, he will repeatedly take a backseat to Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstar is a better player than Bale, so the transfer candidate would most likely be reserved to the bench.

Several fans and football experts believe Bale will be a better player in Madrid. He will be the next great football star alongside Lionel Messi and Ronaldo, but this is far-fetched. Bench players are hardly touted as some of the world's best.

The new Madrid coach may want to switch Bale's position and have him play on the opposite flank or as a striker to have both him and Ronaldo on the field. But he will not be as lethal at either of those positions. He thrives on the left wing. This is where he became a star. It does not make sense to switch his position at this point in his career.

His pace, power and abilities are all suited for the left wing, not anywhere else on the field. 

Tottenham is Bale's team. It's undeniable. When you think of the Spurs, you think of Gareth Bale. As long as Madrid keeps Ronaldo, Los Blancos will never be known as Bale's.

Real Madrid has repeatedly denied they will sell Ronaldo. The team is going through the exact same thing as Tottenham. Both teams want to keep their superstars. 

But Madrid wants Bale while still retaining their Portuguese superstar. This will not work. The only way it can is if Madrid sells Ronaldo, but this probably will not happen. 

After having a trophy-less season, the last thing they'd want to do is get rid of their best player, but keeping him and paying for Bale is not smart either.

Real Madrid will not be able to provide him the glory that many fans believe he will get, and surely Bale knows this.

Tottenham deserves at least one more season from their Welsh superstar. For the second straight season, Champions League football did not happen. The team has come painstakingly close but failed to secure a berth.

Bale wants European glory, and the Champions League is the only way he can get it. Spurs must sign players this summer to ensure he has the right people around him for at least one more season.

Bale owes Tottenham at least that. He chose to sign with Spurs even though Manchester United was a possibility in 2007, according to Ian Ladyman of The Daily Mail. Tottenham stuck by him when people like Steve Wilson of The Telegraph believed he was cursed.

But now it's time for Bale to stand by the team when it needs him the most.

He is the key to Spurs' success, and he knows it. Tottenham will not reach the next level it is so close to reaching in the next few seasons if Bale leaves now.

He will get offers this summer from Madrid and maybe even Manchester United, but he should remain in a Tottenham shirt for next season. 

Spurs will promise him the help he needs because the team will not be in the top four if it only depends on one man. Bale knows this and Tottenham does as well. Levy needs to spend the money to keep his star player for a few more seasons. 

After everything Bale has been through with Tottenham, an extra season to prove themselves isn't asking for much.