Top Photos from MLB's Memorial Day Celebrations

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistMay 27, 2013

via MLB Instagram
via MLB Instagram

MLB teams across the league used Memorial Day to honor America and its soldiers, and there were some quality sights to see.

Every squad is in action on Monday as interleague matchups take over the schedule. Most organizations will spend this week playing their rivals, assuming there is a natural one.

However, the theme of the day was patriotism. Every squad changed up its uniforms with a U.S. Marine Corps digital camouflage cap look. Some teams went with a camo look for their uniforms, while others showed off the red, white and blue.

What resulted was a great display from each team that lived up to the holiday's spirit. Here are the best photos from Memorial Day.

The New York Mets started things off on Sunday night at Citi Field by standing side by side with active soldiers:

However, the majority of the action took place on Monday. A number of squads playing in the afternoon began games by prominently showing the American flag.

Others brought up old pictures but still had the message of support for the troops currently serving overseas:

Finally, players around the league wore apparel with the military's signature camouflage designed specifically for the day's games:

Of course, the Arizona Diamondbacks get to wear the camo as well as the colors of the flag due to the fact that they will play a doubleheader against the Texas Rangers on the day:

Chris Davis was ready to go for the Baltimore Orioles against local rivals Washington Nationals while playing in the nation's capital.

Young pitcher Matt Harvey also was excited to wear the new uniforms for his first Memorial Day in the major leagues (via @MattHarvey33):

A few other clubs decided to get in on the action as well (via Bleacher Report):

You cannot help but feel some emotion looking at these fantastic images from around the country.