NBA...No Brains Association!

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NBA...No Brains Association!
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Now I am livid!

The NBA has a lot of criticisms. Most of them are caused by poor decisions by players or coaches.  Of course there was that scandal with Tim Donaghy where a referee was making bad calls to makes sure certain bets came in.  Now, the latest, inconsistency of calls by referees. 

Shockingly, not much hoopla north of South Florida has been raised for the HORRIBLE flagrant foul call against Dwayne Wade on Maurice Evans.  How a flagrant can be called when the defender actually hits the ball with his hand but makes contact with the body?

Better yet, how do you call a flagrant on Wade when Evans tried to dunk the ball emphatically and hung on to the rim to long which forced him to land awkwardly and embellish what Rajon Rondo and the Boston Celtics would call a "Playoff Foul."

I never agreed with those who were opposed to instant replay in any sport, but now their point is made very clearly.  Referee's are idiots!  I am not just a Chicago Bulls fan, I am an individual who would rather watch the right call than the wrong call. 

So what is the answer?  How do we get all the NBA referees on the same page regarding tough calls?  Look to the NHL. 

The NHL  reviews every goal scored by any player in any game in the NHL!  What a wild idea!  Rare is the day when Gary Bettman can be credited with anything in the world, but there has yet to be controversy in the NHL playoffs!  Likewise, there has been plenty of opportunity for controversy. 

Just watch highlights of the recent New Jersey Devils/Carolina Hurricane series where two goals were scored in the final minute of games and decided that particular game and/or the series! Or for more in depth coverage, after commenting on my article, head on over to some of's Hurricanes and Devils beat writers pages!

So, here here, I propose a ratification of the terrible rules allowing referees the ability to make a fool of themselves on national television.  The NBA should hire referees to watch each game on the schedule and call in the correct call on questionable calls. 

Just imagine the playoff scenario now if calls were decided by an unbiased opinion who is uninfluenced by home crowds or over-hyped stars.

The Bulls may be winning their series 3-2 and heading home to close out the series tonight at home!  The Heat may have been able to thwart the onslaught that the Hawks put on after that terrible flagrant foul call. 

Referees already get enough flack for the impact they make on a game; why not offer them some assistance and offer the player sand coaches some relief and allow the correct call to be made? 

That's my two cents! Please let me know your thoughts.

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